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Want to Learn about Traditional
Maya Wisdom & Magic?

Come with me into the jungles & villages of the Yucatan

What is Maya Harmony?

Thank you for the chance to share a bit about Magic in Mexico!

I'm Laura LaBrie and I live and study among the Maya people and learn all I can about their modern healing and magical practices and I share that information with YOU in lots of ways: 

  • A BLOG with updated adventures of the magic and wisdom we are learning out in the small villages of the Yucatan.

  • Books about the magic and wisdom of the MODERN Maya people--magic & ancient wisdom they are using TODAY that you can learn to use too!

  • E-Courses to help you really delve into this powerful information.

  • Maya Majiks Oracle Cards readings to help you see how you can better come into alignment with the energies that want to work with you.

  • Maya Birth Chart readings so you can learn about your birth energy and the advice it has to help you be more successful in all areas of life.

  • Opportunities for you to JOIN ME on location to see first hand what life is like in the homes of these lovely people and to experience healing with a generational Mya shaman!

  • And so importantly, ways for you to personally give back into the Maya community and help these lovely indigenous wisdom-filled people in practical ways.

       hugs and butterflies,


Photo taken on top of a Maya pyramid in Palenque!

Come into connection with traditional Maya wisdom and magic through the gateways of the cenote, shamanic cleansing, medicinal plants, ancient pottery, Maya ruins, the World Tree, jungle guardians, awareness of the SUPERnatural, local traditions, Maya food, & local people


Cenotes, Caves, Lagoons,

Jungle, Mangroves, Beach, Ocean,

and lovely Wildlife that lives there


Maya Ruins, Sacred Places, Pueblos,

 Old Churches, Local People, Customs, Local Art,  Traditional Food


Shamanic Practices, Energetic Plants, Conscious Nature, Elemental Beings, Jungle Guardians, Power Objects 

The Harmony Project

 Make A Deeper Personal Connection Through the 2 Hands of Harmony

On one hand . . . We are preserving Maya wisdom healing arts and the knowledge of the magic of the jungles by learning directly from those who are living it.

And the other hand . . .  Your financial donation that gives you access to powerful connection with that Maya wisdom and magic will help support Maya families in those same villages that the wisdom keepers call home. ​

muyil ruins

What Clients Say

"Laura forges magic out of the fabric of Mexico."

Suzette, Florida

The Book Store

Check out the BOOK STORE where you will find Traditional Books and E-Learning to expand your experience of connecting with the lovely world of the Mayalands. 

New Release!

Learn about Your DESTINY according to the Maya Calendar and find out advice you can follow to create your best life!

Destiny book

in addition to writing books, Laura has written for

Vallarta Today

Surviving Mexico

Afar Magazine


The Washington Post

Baja News

The Edge Magazine
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