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Shamanic healing, traditional pottery classes, Tzolkin energies, cave-pool connection, Maya ruins exploration, authentic Maya food, supernatural stories, meditation, and more.  Each retreat has a theme but they all bring you into authentic connection with both ancient and modern  Maya wisdom and magic! 

February 25-26 Plant Medicine Journey

March 18 -21  Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza
Things Your Can Discover Here

Join us on a Retreat 

Discover Your Maya Birth Sign

Read Supernatural Stories

Learn About the Sacred Maya Calendar

Have a Maya Oracle Card Reading

Get Books about Maya Magic

Go on an Adventure

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E- Course

E- Course

Bringing the Tzolkin Home

In this E-COURSE you will learn your birth sign and then discover powerful ways your can bring your personal Tzolkin energy into your home and daily life! It's a bit Fung Shui-ish!  You will learn how to come into alignment with your nawal so you can harness your personal power through color, the use of direction, elements (fire, air, water, earth), seasons, totems, and more. 

Each lesson has a video, written material, and fun things to do to turn your space into a power packed reflection of you!

Magic in the Making

Discover exciting stories about the magic of the Maya, shamanism, the sacred Tzolk'in, shape-shifting, elemental beings, cleansings, mysteries and so much more!

Your Maya Birth Sign

Discover Your Destiny

Discover YOUR Maya BIRTH SIGN! There are 20 signs in the sacred Maya Tzolkin. Each tells a personality,  strengths and weaknesses, and, if you find out your entire birth chart, how to walk your path to fulfill your highest destiny! What is YOUR sign? Find out for free now! 

Harness Ancient Magic

Guide to Maya Ritual & Magic

This E-Guide is pack with 50 pages of Maya rituals, incantations, real shamanic transcripts, ceremonies, cleansings and tips all  designed to help you create a tangible difference in your energetic field, both in your life and home. This is the real deal! Beautiful words from Maya seers, ancient wisdom, and the day ceremonies of the Tzolkin are all included! Everything is simple to follow and easy to do at home. Now you can powerfully connect with the ritual and magic of the Maya! 

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Come Into Alignment

Sacred Tzolk'in Daily Planner

The Sacred Tzolk'in Daily Planner, a 545 page guide and planner filled with rituals, coloring pages, information about the daily energies, and plenty of space to write in, will help you come into alignment with the ancient energies of the Maya for an entire Maya calendar year. And its designed so you can start it at any time during the year! 

Sacred Daily Planner
The wisdom & magic of the Maya is not just a thing of the ancient past.
It is here for you today.

Oracle & Birth Chart Readings

Get the Clarity You Need

Discover your Maya birth sign and find out what your path holds. Learn who your helpers and guides are and what actions you can take to live your most transcendent life. . . Or, ask the Maya oracle cards your questions and find help, advice, and clarity to bring peace, joy and contentment into your life. 

Meet Laura LaBrie

Your Guide to  Harmony

Twelve years of living in Mexico and Central America, studying Maya culture, magic and mystery, spending time with local people, exploring Maya ruins, sacred places and cenotes, and unearthing the secrets of ancient wisdom has given Laura a unique perspective on the beautiful Tzolk'in Maya Calendar. Allow her to guide you into peace and harmony now through its classic wisdom. 

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