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Destiny: Discover what the Maya Calendar holds for you.
Discover your Destiny!

Uncover Ancient Maya Wisdom

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Step into Your

Will you embrace it?

As you near your wisdom years, the road turns and bends, creating change that will bring you into your Destiny, into the fulfillment of your mission, the reason you came into this incarnation. With the help of this ancient wisdom, you can navigate these changes and create your best life, balanced, fulfilled, and content. You can find Center where the World Tree grows and begin to finally understand your place in the Universe. 

It's Time to Discover the Secret

Your Life Path

An ancient wisdom has been handed down through the generations. It is a road map to life, the great Path of the Feathered Serpent. For centuries it was hidden, nearly lost when the shores of the Yucatan were invaded by a people seeking to rule, to impose religion, and stamp out any homage to the old gods.


But even though the books were burned, the wisdom remained. It went into hiding and was spoken of quietly and in remote places.


It survived.


And yet, the name it has taken in these modern days keeps its ancient knowledge obscured from most. For it is masquerading as a simple time keeping modality, a curious count of days that stepped onto the world stage for a brief moment when doomsayers warned us all that it predicted the end of the world.


But the end did not come.


And so, it once again slipped into obscurity, its mask hiding its true nature, its real identity, from all but a few.


They call it The Maya Calendar.


And it is, but it is so much more. It is magic. It is a parade of gods. It is a path to Center where the World Tree grows. It is a guide to finding balance. It is prophecy, because it foretells who you can become should you choose to, and how you may fail should that be the path of your choice. It offers advice. And it offers you the opportunity to step into your Destiny.


It is alive.


And when we speak the name of a thing, it’s true name, we awaken it and imbue it with power.


And so, we shall do just that.


It is the Tzolk’in.


Dear Reader, as you step into this book, you step not into a simple understanding of measuring time. You step into knowledge of yourself and of your place in the Universe.


Come discover the god who rules the day you were born. Learn of their personality and how you absorb their light like the earth absorbing the light of the sun. Find out what energy surrounds you, what gods are here to help you and how to navigate the river of life, avoid pitfalls, and become the best version of yourself.


Come discover the path of your life’s purpose, the mission you came here to fulfill.


Come discover the Path of your Destiny.


Bix a bel?

How is your path?



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$ 13.00 USD

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You'll be
Guided to: 
  • Discover your Maya Birth Sign 

  • Learn your Maya Destiny Sign

  • Uncover your Spirit Wind

  • Meet the Maya Gods who are here to be your Helpers, to give you advice and guide you along your path

  • Be empowered and find the answers you are looking for

  • Come into alignment with this ancient and powerful wisdom

You'll Experience . . . 
  • Better understanding of yourself

  • More clarity in your life's purpose

  • Greater success in all areas

  • Powerful alignment with ancient powers

  • Healthier emotional life

  • Your power totems

  • Your personal power colors

  • Bringing your personal glyph to life

  • Your Destiny sign Maya ceremony

  • Connection to ancient gods

  • Finding your center

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Discover what the Maya Calendar holds for you!

Instant E-Book Available!

Discover the beautiful, powerful wisdom of the ancients in a way the will change your life today!

$ 9.00 USD
$13.00 USD

Links to Amazon

Destin: Discover what the Maya Calendar holds for you.
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