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Bring YOUR Life Into Alignment

Discover the Secrets

Maya Calendar energy to transform your home
Come into Alignment

Come into Power

Imagine everything around you being aligned with your personal energy is a such a way that success, abundance, love, peace of mind, contentment just flow easily and gloriously around you. This is the power of bringing the Tzolkin HOME.

Discover the ancient Maya wisdom connected to your birth sign and its energies and then learn how you can create a vibrational match to your own wisdom energy by bringing your personal colors, directional energy, botanicals, totems and so much more into your everyday life. 

It's Feng Shui Maya style!

YOU CAN CREATE A SPACE in your home that magnifies you personal power. And when you do, everything finally falls in line. Stop paddling against the current. Its time to turn in your power direction and tap into the energy of flow!

It's Time to Get into the FLOW

Powerful New E-Course!

These 9 fun and easy, yet rich lessons will walk you into a world where you learn more about yourself and what supercharges you. But not only will it teach you about yourself, it will show you how you can create a world around yourself that is aligned with your power. Your home décor, the color your surround yourself with, the images that are part of your space, the power objects you carry with you, even the plants, and seasons, and elements, all come into play. FInd out which ones are best suited to your energetic Tzolkin Maya sign. Discover which elements, which foods, which natural landscapes will help you be more in tune with the energy that you move in naturally. 

This richly colored E-Course includes NINE lessons, each with a video, text, and tons of fun things for you to put into practice. Everything is based on the ancient wisdom of the Maya. And that ancient wisdom is not just a thing of the past. It is empowering and life-changing and here for YOU today! Stop working so hard and getting nowhere. Making small changes in your environment will bring you into harmony with who you were born to be. FINALLY, you can get into FLOW!

$ 39.00 USD
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You'll be Guided to . . . 
  • Discover Your Tzolkin Birth Sign

  • Learn what direction is your power source.

  • Find out which colors bring you into flow

  • Discover your energetic power places

  • Create a relationship with your botanical ally

  • Find out which element is aligned with your energy

  • Learn which season super charges you

  • Discover the totems that increase your flow

Calm Woman
You'll Experience . . . 
  • Deeper knowledge of yourself

  • Understanding of ancient Maya wisdom

  • The magic of the 4 winds

  • Powerfully aligned sacred space

  • Connection with your Tzolkin Day God

  • Easier flow in things you put effort into

  • Energetically charged environment

  • Power objects

  • Places in nature that supercharge you

  • How to use color to align the energy in your home


Bringing the Tzolkin

9 Lessons with Videos, Text & Exercises

Discover the beautiful, powerful magic of the ancients in a way the will change your life today!

$ 39.00 USD
Maya calendar power to change your home
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