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Hola! I'm Laura

Your Tzolk'in Guide

I have been living in Mexico and Central America for about twleve years now, close to the ruins and sacred cenotes of the Mayalands. It is a dream come true for me! When I was about 8 and just learning to read, I found a copy of national Geographic that belonged to my grandparents. On the cover was a fabulous Maya pyramid, almost lost in the jungle! Instantly I knew there were secrets in the story that were meant just for me. I tried to get my parents to read me the article, but they said I would have to figure it out myself. 
Laura LaBrie
Laura LaBrie in Maya ruins
Oh the hours I labored with a dictionary, trying to read every word in that mesmerizing piece! I KNEW it held secrets for me to discover. But alas, it would be years before I could decipher what they were. 

Years passed and I visited the Yucatan Peninsula for the first time. I was entranced. The day I had to leave, I cried. But I would come back one day to fulfill a dream and perhaps a destiny. 

Now, it has been twelve years that I have been living among the Maya, exploring the ruins, swimming and even scuba diving in the cenotes, pouring over the ancient art, studying sacred texts, practicing the local languages, reading Mayan glyphs, listening to the stories and learning the ways, the wisdom, and the magic of the local people. It has been twelve years that I have been uncovering mysteries and secrets!
During this amazing adventure, I discovered something that changed my life. The secrets of the Sacred Maya Calendar. There of four calendars all working together, telling us about the passage of time and the movements of planets, comets and stars. But one of the calendars is not based on astronomy. It is the HUMAN calendar. It tells us everything we need to know about LIFE! It shows us how to find our way back to Harmony, our way back to connection with the great Love that is the Fathermother, the Heart of Sky. 

And so I began to study this magical calendar and I learned that its energies bring balance into our lives. I learned everything I could, asking questions of local people, observing carvings in the ruins, and studying ancient texts (I have seen 3 of the 4 remaining Mayan codices and several copies of the Chilam Balam!) I poured over the puzzeling pieces and, as they began to come together, I found a way to get into the flow of the gods! 

Spend some time exploring the magic and wisdom of the ancient Maya calendar called the TZOLK'IN, the one that was created more than 2500 years ago for US! You will find much about it here in these pages. Let me help you find the hope, the balance, and the flow that YOU are looking for. Let me show you how this stunning, beautifully created wisdom of the ancestors can change YOUR life! 

Bix a Bel?
How is YOUR path?  
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