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Guide to Maya RITUAL & MAGIC
Ancient Maya Magic
at YOUR Fingertips!

Discover the Secrets

The Power
is Yours

How will you use it?

Imagine having access to ancient knowledge about how to work with the energies around you.

Imagine letting go of the powerlessness you have been feeling and finally getting in the flow of abundance in all areas of your life--material, spiritual, emotional, and experiential abundance.


The Universe is inviting you to get in the energetic flow, enjoy your best life, find balance, and finally discover your place in the Universe.

It's Time to Discover the Magic

Instant Downloadable E-Book!

Get instant access to powerful rituals, magical chants, and ancient ceremonies fill this Guide to Maya RITUAL & Magic! 50 downloadable, printable pages packed with the secrets of an ancient people made easy to understand and applicable to your modern life! Now you can come into alignment with the forces that want to work with you, create powerful energies in your home, and learn ancient practices that will make your life more peaceful, more successful, and more powerful. 

This amazing guide includes real transcripts from shamans and seers, magical poetry, the day ceremonies of the sacred Tzolkin, amazing ways to connect with benevolent beings, and information to help you understand how the magical world of the Maya moves, lives and breathes! 

$ 29.00 USD
You'll be Guided to . . . 
  • Harness the power of your words

  • Create a deeper connection with energetic beings

  • Move in harmony with your world

  • Come into alignment with the cardinal winds

  • Feel the connectedness of everything

You'll Experience . . . 
  • Powerful Ancient Rituals

  • Transcripts from authentic seers and shamans

  • How to write your own Magical Poetry

  • Prayers in Yucatec Mayan

  • The secrets of the Quincunx

  • Painting Gods to Life

  • The power of sweeping

  • How to come into alignment with the 4 winds

  • How to feed your house

  • Clues to lost secrets of ancient magic

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Guide to Maya

Instant E-Book!

50 instantly downloadable, printable pages 

Discover the beautiful, powerful magic of the ancients in a way the will change your life today!

$ 29.00 USD
Guide to Maya RITUAL & MAGIC
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