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Poverty Project International

It all starts with the ONE in front of you

How You can Help Those in Need

Don't be overwhelmed by the name. Poverty Project International is just me, Laura, connecting with local people in Mexico and Central America. The name came from the time I spent living among the poor in Panama in order to better understand their way of life. Poverty Project International is a registered non-profit, but there is no staff. It is life happening. Sometimes it is volunteers. But mostly, it is just a way for me to help the person standing in front of me. 

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If you are curious about what we have done in the past
food donations in the invasion

The Harmony Project

Your Deeper Connection to the 2 Hands of Harmony

If you are interested in giving back but also curious to connect more deeply with the learning we are doing about Maya wisdom and magic, check out a way to connect deeply on both hands at the same time. 

The Compassion Stories

Connection Makes it Possible

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Take a few minutes to read through some of the projects we (me, Laura, and the occasional volunteers) have worked on over the past few years. You, too, can be part of the on-going story of hope. 

NOTE: I have been lax at posting stories of the things we have been doing since it is all the time and so many little things that they don't seem to warrant posting. But I promise to get better at it so YOU can see what we are doing to help those in need. 

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