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Join Me on An Expedition!

Search for the Secrets of Maya Medicine & Magic

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Join Me on An Expedition!

Search for the Secrets of Maya Medicine & Magic

Imagine what it would feel like to be on a real expedition, out in remote villages in Yucatan, tracking down clues, meeting local people, and asking questions to discover the secrets of Maya medicine and magic. Imagine you are in the home of a Maya healer, learning about the connection between energy and plants. Or you are talking with a village story keeper, asking questions about the spiritual beliefs of the local people. Perhaps you are climbing an uncovered pyramid deep in the jungle with a generational shaman collecting medicinal plants. Or maybe you are sitting in front of a shrine with magical powers and you are having an experience guided by a local yerbetero. 

If you decide to join me on an excursion, you will be part of the exploration. You will participate in the seeking and finding of answers. And you will be present when secrets are uncovered. You will be right there when new information is discovered. You will be part of the thread of preservation. You will touch the sacred, you will learn, and share. 

This is real. 

This is raw. 

This is important. 


Participate in the Discovery

The mission is to understand and document Maya healing and magic. That might sound overwhelming, but it is about adventure, discovery, and lots of listening to stories of magic, jungle guardians and shapeshifting, stories of energies and the souls of plants. It is about asking questions and making connections with local healers, story keepers, grandmothers, and guides. And it is about having first hand encounters with the supernatural.


It is about paying attention to the details in your experience whether it be accepting an impromptu invitation to a traditional Maya home-cooked meal, or walking through the corn crop in a farmer's field. 


Because the magic is everywhere. 

And the keys to the secrets are found in everyday living.

You discover the magic in a tradition of waiting 3 days after a hurricane before checking the corn to see if its damaged because the three days give the local gods time to heal the corn. You find it in a bundle of deer skulls hung on the wall above an open fire for cooking in the kitchen because they bring good luck and ensure the deer will agree to sacrifice another member of their herd for the sustenance of the family. 

In the seeking for answers, you must look in unexpected places, for not all answers are found by the simple asking of direct questions. 

Most lie hidden. 

And so, to unearth the healing mysteries, you must do much more than sit at the feet of a shaman and listen to lectures. You must participate in the living. And while you are participating, you must look carefully and listen. Pay close attention to what you see and to what you feel. Listen closely to the stories told over an informal lunch or while walking together in the jungles looking for medicinal plants. For in the details, in the daily conversations, you will find clues, bits of magical healing treasures. For there you will find answers to questions you asked. 


And more powerfully still, to questions you didn't ask.


Your mind expands as does your knowledge of ancient healing and magic. 


And answers come to you unbidden simply because you took the time to make the connections. And often, the answers come through connection to more than just your surroundings. They come through connection to your own intuition, your own spiritual guides, and even though first-hand supernatural experience!


Are You Ready?

So join me on an expedition. Come with me into the remote villages and connect with the local people. Share meals. Visit homes. Walk in farm fields and on jungle paths. Ask questions. Look. Listen.

And find yourself immersed in the discovery of ancient medicine and magic. 

Each expedition is unique. Although we have a general plan, we never know what might unfold, what new secrets might be unearthed. 

You may find yourself in a cave cenote or an old church. You might meet a local farmer who works the land with his hands or a generational potter who still molds clay in the old ways or an aunty with a jolly smile and a flowered dress. 

You will hear stories. And something undoubtedly will happen in the hearing. You will connect with the heart of the Universe, and you may even have a supernatural experience or two!

And you will surely find yourself on an adventure. An important adventure that helps expand the understanding of healing arts and magic here on the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico. 

Are you ready? 

Every excursion is different.

They vary in length from 1-2 days

and prices reflect the activities and expenses.

To chat about specifics, please use the button here to connect with me!

I cant wait to chat!

Laura LaBrie

Meet Your Guide Laura LaBrie

Author, researcher, photographer, and adventurer, Laura LaBrie, has been living in Mexico and Central America for the past 13 years. She spends her time in remote villages and wild places learning as much as she can about Maya culture, life, and connection to the spirit realms, supernatural beings, and other dimensions! She is super excited to share everything she has learned with YOU! There are amazing secrets and ancient wisdom hidden in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and Laura is passionate about unearthing them and incorporating them into daily life. She has even been asked by the Maya elders to share their wisdom, their ways, and their connection to spirit with the world and she is excited to make good on her promise to do just that! 

For More Inspiration: Discover Past Expeditions

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The blog is filled with stories of past excursions. Take a few minutes to get inspired by reading about our adventures and some of the amazing things we have learned and experienced! 

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Be Prepared: Adventurers Ascetic

Cool clothing. Think breathable, loose-fitting fabrics. You may need a sweater for the evening if its winter time

Bathing suit (or 2) for a breathtaking cenote or soaking in an ecological pool


Extra spending money for buying goodies to bring home.  Also, even though all your food and drinks are included, if you choose to enjoy a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage, you'll need a bit of extra cash for that too. Mexican Pesos are the local currency and you can use your ATM card to get them here.

Adventure shoes will help you on your path. Think cool and comfy!

Water shoes, although not necessary, can make a cenote experiences more comfortable. 

A backpack to carry all your goodies during your adventures!

An overnight bag with a change of clothing. Think adventure clothes. 

A camera or your cell phone with a good camera will help you record the amazing things you are going to see! Small Maya villages, stunning cave cenotes, jungle, rituals, and so much more!

A journal to record your thoughts, experiences and revelations

I am thrilled to connect on this mystical adventure with you!

Every excursion is different.

They vary in length from 1-2 days

and prices reflect the activities and expenses.

To chat about specifics, please use the button here to connect with me!

I cant wait to chat!

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