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Are you moving into your Destiny years, wondering about the stirring in your heart to make changes but not knowing what you want those changes to look like? Are you filled with questions about your direction in life? The sacred Maya Tzolk'in Calendar is a road map for your life.

As you near the age of 52, the road turns and bends, creating change that will bring you into your Destiny, into the fulfillment of your mission, the reason you came into this incarnation. With the help of this ancient wisdom, you can navigate these changes and create your best life, balanced, fulfilled, and content. You can find Center where the World Tree grows and begin to finally understand your place in the Universe.

Inside this book you will find a guide to help you discover your Maya Birth Sign, your Destiny Sign, your Spirit Wind, and the Maya gods who are here to be your Helpers, to give you advice and guide you along your path. Be empowered and find the answers you are looking for as you come into alignment with this ancient and powerful wisdom.

Destiny: What the Maya Calendar Holds for You

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