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The Story of Humanity

From Creation to Ascension

Ixchel goddess with rabbit

The Sacred Calendar

The Path to Re-Connection

The Sacred Tzolk’in is the story of the relationship between the Great Fathermother and humankind wrapped in a calendar, reminding us daily of our journey from birth into the heart of the Divine. We cycle endlessly through the story, reliving it through every cycle, recounting each of its acts every 20 days. From creation to empowerment, to choices and self-reflection and to revelation, peace, and contentment. Each day recounts a chapter in our human development. The story is intrinsically woven into time and space, encoded into our experiential reality. Ancient shamans channeled the calendar through vision quests, connecting with the Divine more than 2500 years ago and putting into stone the desire of the gods.

And so, the wheel turns, its path reminding us of our own story. And if we come into alignment with it, we come into alignment with the Heart of Sky, the Great Spirit. This is not a calendar based on the cycles of the moon nor the sun. It is not a calendar developed by astronomers to keep track of the paths of the stars and comets through the vast canvas of the Universe. Rather, it is a cosmic thread given to humankind by the Fathermother through revelation. It is not given to us simply that we might measure time, although it has measured time flawlessly for eons. But rather, it is given to us that we might walk the path, the path that returns us to our awareness of our beautiful connection to the Divine.

And so, as the Maya greet each other, I ask you, “Bix a bel?  How is YOUR path?”

Here is Yucatec Mayan name of each day, its English totem, and its title for the chapter it represents in the story of humanity. To see the full meanings of each day, you can go here.

Imix the Crocodile: Creation 
Ik the Wind: Descent of the Spirit 
Ak'bal the Night: The Creation of Light
K'an the Net: The Gathering
Chikchan the Feathered Serpent: Descent of the Fathermother
Kimi which is Death: Death in the Garden
Manik the Deer: The Hunt 
Lamat the Star: Procreation
Muluk the Moon: Offerings
Ok the Dog: The Judge and Guide
Chuwen the Monkey: Time and tools
Eb the Path: Expansions across the earth.
Ben the Corn Stalk: The Age of Agriculture
Ix the Jaguar: The Age of Nature Magic
Men the Eagle: The Age of Commerce
Kib the Owl: The Age of the Church
Kaban the Earth: The Age of Science
Etznab the Mirrored Knife: The Age of Self-Awareness
Kawak the Storm: The Age of Transformation
Ahaw the Sun: The Age of Enlightenment
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The Chapters

The Story of Humanity

The Story of Humanity

From Creation to Ascension

These 20 days tell us the story of the Tzolk’in, the story of the human race. The story is to remind us of where we came from, who we are and how we can achieve enlightenment. Over and over again, endlessly it cycles around in a great circle, infusing everything we do. We play out its events again and again that we might never forget who we are and what our journey is. It is as follows:

In the beginning the world was created out of chaos and water was over the face of the planet. The wind of the Great Spirit of Fathermother who is called Heart of Sky hovered over the waters. Then light was formed out of the darkness and was separated into day and night, duality was formed. After that, all things were gathered together. The land was gathered into its place and plants, animals and humans were gathered together according to their kind. Then the Fathermother descended to be among the humans. When the Fathermother descended, he-she decided to introduce death to all of life. Now humans needed to hunt for food and animals were asked to sacrifice themselves that humans might thrive. Humans needed to reproduce, and women had to carry the burden of bearing children. And so, the humans brought offerings to the Fathermother in hopes of paying for their restoration. Judgement was declared and Fathermother decided to send guidance to show the humans how to return to the divine.

Humans were confined to time and their lineage was set in place. They learned how to make things, to create things. Then the path of life was laid out before them that they might walk it. They grew quickly into their own authority, magic, and power. They became strong and filled with vitality. They dreamed new dreams and set goals and had visions, both material and spiritual. Then they began to make decisions and choices, some kind and some filled with ego, that they might reach their goals. This led them to learn of higher things. They reasoned and discovered logic, science, and sacred geometry and they understood the working of the universe. This led them to understand themselves. They could see their own reflection clearly and this caused them pain. They could now see that things needed to be removed in order that they might heal themselves. Finally, great revelation came to them, illumination, and they saw what they must do. They saw that they must love and care for both themselves and for their fellow human. And this brought them joy, contentment, and peace and brought them back into the light and into awareness of their connection with the Divine!

sun god
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