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Chilam Balaam tzolkin Mayan Calendar wheel

Sacred Maya Tzolk'in 

Meet the Lords of the Days

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Learn about the Sacred Tzolk'in Maya Calendar, who the Day Gods are, and how you can come into alignment with the energy of each day.

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Step One

Calendar Converter

First go to the calendar converter to see what today is on the Tzolk'in Calendar.
 Put in the date on the app and scroll down to discover the TZOLK'IN DAY.
Then come back here. 

Step Two

Discover the Energy

Find the day god below that matches the Tzol'kin day and read about how you can come into alignment with the energy to make today more successful, balanced, and happy a day for you!
Mayan Calendar
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Your Maya Birth Sign

Discover Your Destiny


Now you can discover YOUR Maya birth sign. There are 20 different signs in the Tzolk'in Calendar.  Which one are YOU? 

To find out your MAYA BIRTH SIGN, just click on the CALENDAR CONVERTER button above. Type in your birthdate and scroll down to see the TZOLKIN DATE which is the number and name of your Maya birth sign! Then come back here and MEET YOUR DAY GOD. You can learn all about your sign and its personality! 

If you want to KNOW MORE about your birth chart, you can have a BIRTH CHART READING and discover your Maya Life Path!

Birth Sign
Calendar Converte
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Every Day is a God

The Meanings of The Days

Its like a Maya Farmer's Almanac. But more.
Every day is a god. The personality of that god rules the energy of the day. Find out what today's energy is and how it can work for you!

Imix Mayan glyph

Imix the Crocodile Glyph

According to Mayan cosmovision, a spirit world exists alongside the material world. Twenty powerful beings called "nawales" from the spirit world exert a powerful influence on people and events in this material world. Called "Lords of the Day", the nawales determine each day’s energy –- its potential, the sort of things that work best on that date. The Tzolk'in Calendar is the sacred calendar of the Maya that maps out those days. It is the calendar that predicts what the energy of each day is good for, a bit like the Farmer's Almanac. Is today good for planting, harvesting, magic, travel, taking care of your home, beginning something new, or something else entirely? Below you will find a chart that explains the potential of each day.

There are 20 days in the sacred Tzolk'in Calendar that are repeated 13 times each giving the calendar a total of 260 days. Each of the 20 Nawales (Days represented by a Lord) is preceded by a number from 1 to 13, which tells the intensity of the Nawal’s energy.  For example: 2 Kawak has quiet energy, 8 Kawak is balanced, and 13 Kawak is almost too strong and a bit crazy. The 13 days make up a month called a "trecena" and each month has an over-riding energy too! Wow, it is a lot to take in! But, no worries because below you will find the basics for each of the twenty days so you can get a general idea of what each Nawal's power is all about, but to discover the specific energy for today, you can purchase the Sacred Tzolkin Daily Planner The Planner combines the power of the Day Lord of today with the intensity (number or tone) of today and the overall type of energy in this trecena (13 day month) to give you an in-depth description of how you can work with the specific energy of this day. (How cool is that!)

Maya Feng Shui!

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Bringing the Tzolkin Home

Imagine everything around you being aligned with your personal energy is a such a way that success, abundance, love, peace of mind, contentment just flow easily and gloriously around you. This is the power of bringing the Tzolkin HOME.

Discover the ancient Maya wisdom connected to your birth sign and its energies and then learn how you can create a vibrational match to your own wisdom energy by bringing your personal colors, directional energy, botanicals, totems and so much more into your everyday life. 

It's Feng Shui Maya style!

Bring the Mayan Calendar energy into your home

The Four Directions

The Spirit Winds

The four directions are one of the most important things in the Maya Cosmovision. Together they represent balance, and without finding balance, you cannot find center, and without finding center, you cannot find your place in the Universe

ceremony of the four directions

Ceremony of the 4 Directions

As you are going through the 20 days below, you will notice a few things. Each day is represented by a Maya Glyph that has a name. These are the names of the Nawales (also spelled Nahuales)which are the powerful beings from the Otherworld that rule over the days. The names are different in various Mayan languages and here (because I live on the Yucatan Peninsula) I am using the Yucatec names for the days. Beneath the Mayan names you will find their English totems. You will also notice that there is a "direction" associated with each day. The directions are very important because each direction has a different vibe, or different type of energy. Here are the four directions with their Yucatec Mayan names, their colors (red, white, black, and yellow, the colors of the corn) and their energies. We begin in the east where the sun rises and then follow the path of the sun. 

Lak'in the East is beginnings and passion. It's energy is that of unity and its color is red. 

Xaman (shaman) the North is clarity, transparency and truth. Its energy is diminishing and its color is white. 

Chik'in the West is cooperation and change. Its energy is adjusting and duality and its color is black.

Nohol the South is endings, death, and harvest. Its energy is increasing and harvest  and its color is yellow

As you move through the directions and their energies, keep in mind that the goal is to bring balance. Finding your CENTER is of utmost importance. Without a strong center, you become unbalanced and out of rhythm with the universe and it is impossible to live in harmony with it. (Note: The color of the center is either green or blue green and the candles placed in the center in Maya rituals are these colors.)

Sacred Tzolk'in Daily Planner

A Full Tzolk'in Year!

Now you can have the entire Tzolkin year laid out for you!


The Sacred Tzolk'in Daily Planner, a 545 page guide and planner filled with rituals, coloring pages, information about the daily energies, and plenty of space to write in, will help you come into alignment with the ancient energies of the Maya for an entire Maya calendar year. And its designed so you can start it at any time during the year! 

Sacred Daily Planner
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Everything is Alive!

Yes, everything is alive. Writing something down brings it to life. Think of the word "spelling" and its connection to magic! Speaking the name of something also brings it to life. The curly swirls you see at the bottom of all the glyphs tell us that they are breathing. These are breath curls! Indeed, the days are gods. They are alive and active and here to support you as you walk your path toward re-connection and wholeness!

Kawak Mayan glyph
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Meet the Day Gods

The 20 Nawales

Nawales (Nahuales)  are gods, they are alter egos, they are energies that hover over each day. YOU have a Nawal! Look for the day you were born in the calendar converter and then come find out about your Nawal! It tells all about you, your path in life, and your personality. I wonder which one you are?

Here you can hover over each glyph to see its keywords. Then click on it to see the full explanation of who that Day God is, its energies connections, and what it means for you!

Chilam Balam ancient wisdom book

Page from the Kaua Chilam Balam

Hover for key words.

Click for full meanings

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