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Looking Under the Bed: Creepy Story!


I have heard many stories about Aluxes and in all honesty, this one creeps me out a little!

I was at one of my favorite restaurants in Puerto Morelos (La Sirena) and had been listening to live music on the rooftop during the afternoon. The sun was setting and people were leaving, so I took my drink downstairs and sat up at the bar to finish it while chatting with one of the bar tenders, a young guy from Mexico City. Let’s call him David.

We chatted about magical things in Mexico for a while and I do think the conversation was pleasing to him. He seemed very interested in the supernatural and was getting comfy. You know, often people won’t share their alux stories until they are sure you won’t think they are crazy.

In case you don’t know what an alux (aloosh) is, it is a supernatural tiny person that starts life as a doll and is brought to life by a shaman. It is given the job of protecting land, homes, animals, and people and it is a powerful entity that uses wind to move things and can cause destruction on a grand scale! They are generally good but can be dangerous if you cross their path without permission.

So, you can see why someone might be afraid of being thought they were crazy if they had a story about running into one.

After a bit of sharing supernatural tales, David finally opened up and shared a gem with me.

He was visiting with his friend for a few days. The lady of the house was a very spiritual woman who worked a bit of magic herself. When David arrived, she told him not to worry if odd things happened during the night. She explained that they had aluxes, but they were there to protect the home and would not cause any trouble.

David, being not particularly spiritual himself at the time, took the information with a grain of salt.

As late evening descended and he grew tired, he took himself up stairs to the guest room, a smallish abode with plain floors and narrow bed with thick blankets and a simple wooden chest of drawers in the corner. David put on his nightclothes and slipped under the covers, tired from travel and a day of fun. He shut off the light and let his eyes adjust to the half-light, watching the moon beams filter in through the window when suddenly he heard the sound of something scuttling on the floor.

Startled, he looked in the direction of the commotion and saw, to his astonished amazement, a tiny person that looked like a toy come to life, running across the room!

It seemed to run under the bead and then disappeared. He leaned down and looked under the bed, but nothing was there. Just a stray moonbeam trying to make its way across the floor.

Thinking he must have imaged it in his tired state and more startled than afraid, David closed his eyes and tried to drift off to sleep. He could feel the pull of dreams and the heavy weightiness of exhaustion tugging at his body.

But sleep didn’t come because a moment later, the little toy doll man jumped up on his bed, grabbed him by the collar and yelled into his face, “We are real. This is not a joke!” Then just as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared again and was gone.

Needless to say, sleep did not come easy that night. The memory stayed with him. In the morning, he mentioned the event to the lady of the house.

“Yes, my dear, she responded. I told you, the little ones are here. They guard the house.”

Now you may have your doubts about the veracity of this tale. And perhaps even David still wonders if the experience was real because it often feels like that. The stranger things come and go in almost an instant, leaving you wondering how much you can trust your own eyes and ears.

Be that as it may, the memory stays with you, it changes you, and it alters your perception of your world!

Looking under the bed,


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