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Rare Photos of a Magical Mayan Creature!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

These photos are of something so mystical, magical, and rare!

Earlier this year we traveled to a spectacular cenote called Suytun just outside of the colonial city of Valladolid, Yucatan. As we descended the winding staircase into the water-filled cave, a huge rock came into view. On top of the rock was a small stone statue of a humanoid figure with what looked like offerings of some sort next to it. The backdrop for the scene was an emerald-green pool. It was the pool we had come to see, and possibly to swim in, but it was the stone statue and offerings that stole the show that day.

The son of the owner of the cenote (cave with water in it) was playing lifeguard and was happy to answer our questions about the little statue. He said it was a copy of an alux and that the real one was at the nearby farm where his grandmother lived. The young man also regaled us with stories about aluxes in the area and as always, I was intrigued by the stories. But it was when he told us that he would be happy to send us a photo of the actual alux that I felt my heart jump!

Now, an alux is a magical being and tracking down the facts about it is not an easy thing to do. Stories differ. (If you want to learn more about aluxes, check out this article.) But one thing they have in common is that they can be created by a very strong and knowledgeable shaman. My understanding is that the shaman creates the alux (this one was stone) and then they bring it to life.

So, what on earth does that mean?

Well, while it isn’t entirely clear, I do have some information about it from a friend who is a shaman and more information to add to that from other locals.

There is something physical that represents the alux. In this case it’s a stone carving. Through a series of rituals, the shaman “wakes it up.” Once it is woken up, the alux is free to move around at will, although the statues itself usually stays in one place (they have been known to move). The alux is made of air. It is nature personified. It can use the power of air to do whatever job it was created for. That usually means protecting farmland, animals, or a home. Stories have been told about tools being scattered all over a building site like a high wind threw them everywhere when the builders did not ask the alux guardian for permission before building. Some people have seen small rocks being thrown or even felt a slap, especially below the knees since aluxes are typically less than 2 feet high (I had this happen to me!) The magical creature can take form if it wants to and is seen often as a child, sometimes with a tiny dog as a friend!

Now I have seen many alux houses and most of them have offerings, typically of liquor, water, fruit, tortillas, or money. BUT . . . I have NEVER seen an original statue that was woken up and became an active alux.

Until now. . .

After we spent time with the man at the cenote Suytun and he shared his stories with us, we exchanged contact information and he said he would send us photos of the real alux statue at his grandmother’s nearby farm. And a few days later he did!

I spent time gazing at them, trying to feel what I could feel, letting my intuition explore them.

What do YOU feel when you look at these amazing (and very rare) photos?

Wouldn’t it be cool to go visit them?

Looking forward to another adventure,


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