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A Shaman's Instructions: How to Manifest What You Want

Do you want to know how a shaman manifests things?

This is ONE way (There are others)

Close your eyes and think of what you want. Focus on it. If you have a power object, hold that while you focus.

The coolest thing happened the other day. I went to California to visit my kids for the holidays. The only problem was that, since I am a Mexican resident, I have to go to immigration BEFORE I leave Mexico and check out. I was so excited about seeing my kids that I totally forgot until I was in the air, on the plane, headed out across the gulf of Mexico! Oopsy!

I did this once before a long time ago. When I came back into the country, the immigration officer was not very happy with me. I was worried that this time might be even worse. I love Mexico. Its been my home for the past 12 years and I understand it is a privilege to live there. If I broke the rules, they might decide it was a privilege I would no longer be afforded! PROBABLY I would not be sent back out of the country, but I was super worried.

That night I could not sleep.

Nor could I sleep the next night.

The third night I remembered something. Around my neck I have an amulet that was made for me by my good friend and shaman, Don Francisco. It was made just for me. It is a small maya cross made from a very rare type of root called “snake root” in English (He doesn’t know the actual English name, only what they call it in Mayan and that is how they translate it). It took two weeks to bond it to me in ceremonies done on the power days, Tuesdays and Fridays. And he used my full name and birthdate when he asked for the bonding to make sure it was correctly and powerfully bonded to me.

amulet of a cross
My Maya Cross Amulet

How cool. A powerful amulet designed to protect me. I always knew it was to protect me. But what I didn’t’ know until more recently was that I could use it to ask for anything I wanted! All I had to do was hold it and think about what I wanted, imagine it, focus on it, hold it in my mind. Up until that moment when I was lying in bed not sleeping, I had never tried it! Well, that was as good a time as any to see what would happen.

So, I held the little cross and rubbed it silky smooth wood between my fingers (I don’t know if it was necessary to rub it, but it felt nice and was comforting. Plus, maybe it would work better!) I closed my eyes and concentrated on what I wanted. I wanted to easily come back into Mexico. I wanted to go home.

The longer I held it, the more details came into the picture in my mind. I imagined a nice Mexican woman working at the immigration counter in the airport. She was smiling at me. In my imagination, we chatted a bit in Spanish and she DID NOT EVEN ASK me for my little paper showing that I had properly and legally left the country. I told her how much I love Mexico and she said, “Welcome home!” She waved me through, and I happily went on my way.

That night, I think I fell asleep still holding the little cross.

The next night, something amazing happened. I went to bed and as things began to quiet down around me my mind began to drift. I remembered my predicament. BUT, I was unable to hold that thought in my mind! It was like someone had take all the thoughts and worry about not getting back into Mexico, put them in a jar, and sealed the lid. I could not even access it! Each time a thought about going home popped up, it disappeared almost as quickly. I couldn’t worry about it if I tried.

The following night, there were less worry thoughts that popped up at all. And again, I could not hold onto any of them.

By the third night, I did not even think of it. It was just gone. I forgot to remember that I would still be faced with immigration when I returned.

The rest of my vacation went on beautifully and the day I went home, I had a lot of peace. I enjoyed my flight and arrived in good spirits back in the immigration line to get back into my beloved adopted country.

And guess what? When I came up to the immigration agent, it just exactly like I pictured. A smiling woman chatted about my trip with me. She asked where I went and why. I told her about visiting my kids and she was happy for me. She asked where in Mexico I lived and I told her how much I loved my Mexican home. She even told me I did a great job speaking with her in Spanish. AND….she never even asked me for proof that I stopped at the immigration office and check out when I left the country!

Of course, I love that this story ends with me arriving happily home. But in my mind, this “miracle” included two parts, perhaps of which the FIRST was the most difficult.

Controlling your mind is something mankind has been trying to master for what seems like eternity. Me not even being able to reach into the worry jar was pretty wild! Its hard to explain, like something bigger than me was holding it away from me so I couldn’t even access it.

I do have one other time when Don Francisco, my shaman did something else like this for me. It too was amazing. This power to effect not just your material reality , but also your thoughts and emotions, is simply magical.

So, even though you may not have one of Francisco’s amulets, you can still do this.

The Directions: How to Manifest

  • Find an object you feel is powerful, something you feel bonded to. You will be using it to focus your intention.

  • Find a comfy, quite place where you won’t be interrupted for at least ten minutes (yes, that’s all it takes!)

  • Think for a few minutes about what you want your end result to be. What will it look like, sound like, smell like. How will you feel when you have it?

  • Then hold your power object and close your eyes.

  • In your mind, create the scene you desire. Give it as many details as you can. Feel the feelings you will have when it manifests.

  • Hold this in your mind for a few minutes, just relax and bring your picture back every time your thoughts drift. Don’t worry if other thoughts interrupt. That is natural. Just keep bringing your imagination back to your desired outcome.  

  • After a few minutes, when you feel like its enough, then open your eyes.

  • You’re done! You can say Thank You if that feels good. If you want to say Thank You in Mayan, it’s YUM BOTIK!

Then…and this is the hard part…. STOP thinking about it.

WHY should you stop thinking about it?

Because this sets you up for resistance. If it does come to mind, just smile a bit and feel good, knowing it is in the process of manifesting and then let it go.

More About How Don Francisco Does it

Whenever I go to see Don Francisco about something I want or need in my life, he tells me to think about what I want while he does his blessing with Maya prayers, incense, and the tapping of a cleansing plant. Then he says, “Don’t worry. It is yours now. We don’t need to do anything else.” And he often gives me a tea to help me relax and sleep better, so I won’t worry!

He moves on. In his mind it is a done deal. He is super matter of fact about it.

We tend to labor over things like this believing we need to put more energy into it. This can actually backfire. It comes from a place of worry and creates resistance to what we are want to attract. I love how Don Francisco just says, “Think about what you want.” The idea is not to think about your lack, but what you want your reality to look like. Focus on the positive, not the negative. Many people these days talk about manifesting and how to focus on the positive. They talk about how like attracts like and they are correct! If you focus on what you don’t have, you just get more “not having.” Don Francisco doesn't know anything about the modern day manifesting movement. He is just doing what his father and grandfather and father before him taught him to do. Its simple. It works!

My suggestion is to try this with something small first. Maybe like wanting to find something special when you go to the grocery store, or finding a feather. Try it with something you don’t have any heavy emotions attached to. This will make it so much easier to let go, stop thinking about it, and just let the magic happen.

As you see the smaller things come into being, you will be more relaxed about things that are a little bigger. Think of it as an experiment. Its fun to try and you will be surprised and happy with the results!

To creating the magic,










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