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3 Stories of Magical Power Objects

An amber necklace, a Buddha statue, and a clay figurine. All three are infused with their own power meant to bring something good to the owner. All three have their own stories.

The simplest definition of a power object is an object that has been imbued with power. They can be amulets, stones, crystals, really anything at all that has been given power with a purpose. That power is often only for the owner, usually the person the object is bonded to in some way.

Happy Buddha Power Object

The story of the Buddha state is a great place to begin our adventure. It was given to me by Don Francisco, my good friend who is a healer in the old Maya tradition called a yerbatero. I had not known him for very long and stopped by with my daughter one afternoon after a three hour drive into the small villages of the Yucatan. We were coming unannounced because Don Francisco has no phone for us to call. We just went on faith, hoping he would be there.

buddha figure
happy buddha to keep us in the Yucatan

When we arrived, he was home and happily greeted us saying, “Oh, I am so glad you are finally here! I saw you coming and so I got something ready for you. It is a gift to help you with the important work you will be doing in this area. Come on in and I will show you!”

A gift? Well, that was very kind of him and I certainly was curious to know more, but first I wanted to go back to the part about, “I saw you coming . . .” How did he know we were coming? Well, of course he saw us in the shaman stone! It’s a stone called a sastun that is used by all the healers in the area and can be used to see many things including the energy or the person he is healing. I guess it could also show us in the car on the road! Already, I knew there was tremendous power at work here.

Don Francisco led us into his simple concrete office space. A colorful hammock was strung up and a few plastic chairs sat on one wall. I sat on the hammock and my daughter sat on the floor as Francsico brought out a Buddha statue, bronzy gold in color, and small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. He explained that it was important for my daughter and I to stay in the area for a while because there was important work for us to do, although he didn’t say what the work was. We both had a tendency to live a bit like gypsies, moving from country to country, and the statues job was to keep us in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula for a while. (If you know me, you know that could be a challenge! And I guess the statue has worked its magic because it’s been several years and I am STILL here!)

Don Francisco had us both come sit on the floor in a small circle with him. He had us hold the little Buddha together and he put his hands over ours. He has already done some work with it before we came and I don’t know what that was. But now he was bonding it to both my daughter and I.

He prayed in Mayan for a few minutes. I sat with my eyes closed, still a bit in awe and just trying to relax and take it all in. He finished in a calm way, without fanfare and then said we should share the statue, making sure that we both had time with it.

Since that time, both my daughter and myself have brought numerous people to see this humble shaman for healing. We have also brought many donations to the village and even been an important part of helping them save the corn with was very nearly lost when 3 back-to-back hurricanes destroyed the crops. (More on that story here.)

I am grateful we have been able to help a lot of people both in the village and through our connection to this healer.

The Amber Necklace

The amber necklace was also given to me by Don Francisco, but it was originally given to him as a gift from a powerful healer near Merida. I don’t know the person who gave this necklace its power, but I do know gave this object its power, but I do know that Francisco has a lot of respect for him.

Amber necklace power object
Amber Necklace with power

In 2020 there were 3 hurricanes in six weeks and they flattened the corn before it was ready to be harvested. Max and I went to see the damage and to listen to suggestions as to what could be done. Together with the help of the local villagers we came up with a plan to save what seeds could be saved so they could be planted the following season. As a gift in thanks for our help, Francisco gave us a powerful necklace that had been given to him. There was nothing fancy about the way he gave it to us except the understanding that he was the rightful owner and therefore had the power and ability to “reassign” it to us. He said it was to be used to bring us anything we wanted or needed. To activate it, either Max or I were to simply hold it and picture what we wanted. Its kind of like a wishing stone.

Just today I held it and asked for something important to me that would help others. Within less than an hour my need was met! That event was what inspired the writing of this article.

The Figurine, an Alux

And now to the figurine, a very interesting power object.

alux figurines
aluxes made to be brought to life

The small clay figure is called an alux (a-loosh). It’s design was given to a master potter by a local shaman. It is not complicated, very like a doll with an elongated head and has no moving parts. An alux is a small doll that is brought to life by a shaman and then given the task of protecting you and/or your property. I have LOTS of stories about aluxes, but it wasn’t until recently that I found a man who actually MAKES them!

Don Sergio, Don Emilio, and their family work with pottery in the old Maya way. Their work has been examined by the official Mexican dept of Anthropology and has been declared the same as the pottery of antiquity, before the Spanish landed on these shores. But what is even more amazing about their pottery is the power that it has. The alux statue is a power object even before it is brought to life.

The potter works on it only on Tuesdays and Fridays as these are the most powerful days for healing and magic. It is created according to a specific pattern. Then after it is created, it is available to either be purchased as is, or to be activated, brought to life, given breath and the ability to move around and effect things.

If you decide to simply buy one and not have it brought to life (which is what Don Francisco advises, NOT having it brought to life, that is) it is still a powerful protector for you and your home.

Just a few days ago I was at the shop of the potter speaking with his wife, who also works with the family. She explained that, if you feel bonded to the alux, you can begin to “feed” it. If you do this, it will grow in power over time. It wont be the same as one that has been activated, but it will still have power.

To feed your alux, decide what kind of offering you would like to bring it. You need to stick to the same offering all the time because it develops a “taste” for it. One chef fed his rum, and his restaurant business began growing in a wonderful way. Then he switched to water and the alux wasn’t too happy. Sales plummeted!

Water is a good bet for feeding your alux. You can also give it rum, tequila, oranges, candy, tobacco, or other similar items. Don Sergio and his family feed their atole, a thick drink made with corn meal.

It is also important to feed your alux on a regular time schedule. They can get a little fussy when they get hungry. Once every 2 weeks was the suggested time given to us when we were visiting the potter’s family just the other day. I have one on my altar. I feed it incense every morning. My home is peaceful and when guests arrive, they always comment on how peaceful it feels. I have another alux (there are stories on the blog about THAT one) but this one is just here to bring good luck, peace and tranquility. And I do believe he is doing just that! For stories about the OTHER alux (one that has been activated), you can go here.

Of course, I do have other stories power objects, they come from lots of other sources. I do believe they are real and can have a positive impact on your home, your energy, and your well being!

If you decide to come visit Don Francisco with us sometime, he can give YOU your very OWN power object! It’s a super cool thing to own.

Feeling safe







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