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Learn about the Sacred Tzolkin, Discover true stories of Maya Magic, Read more about Shamanism and Maya Life. The supernatural weaves itself through everything here, all is connected, all is alive. 

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What Does Real Maya Magic Look Like?

Powerful sacred places.

Three candles in plastic containers sit on a rock in the jungle surrounded by prickly undergrowth.

Plastic flowers and an empty gourd join burned down candles in an abandoned and broken school house.

Three green crosses dressed in handmade flowered dresses, askew and stained, sit under a tin roof surrounded by dead flowers and burned candles that have fallen over in the wind.

A bag of salt, an egg, some rum in an old coke bottle, an orange and a chili, and a plastic bowl sit gathered together on a wooden shelf in a remote palapa in the jungle.

A clay doll with a broken arm is tucked into a stone wall.

A turquoise stone sits in a cup filled with rum with a half-burned candle and an odd assortment of figurines nearby.

An armload of wild harvested plants sit in a pail on a wooden table.

As I spend time exploring the sacred spaces of the Yucatan, I often find myself encountering local magic. Little by little, I am uncovering secrets, building relationships with locals, and learning about the powerful magic that is everywhere on this jungle filled peninsula.

And, though it may be powerful, it is humble and does not attract attention to itself. It is not filled with fanfare nor is it beautiful. It is simple, sometimes even ugly.

These people who may not have much in the material world, are rich in the subtle worlds. They are connected to the gods, guardians, elemental beings, and energies of nature. They understand them and have come from generations of people who are connected to the land, the sky, and the greater things that dwell within. Theirs is not a believing, but rather a knowing. It has nothing to prove and cares not for approval. Its principles use humble elements, things which can be found in the wild and on the shelves of a tiny shop in a tiny pueblo.

And yet, they are transformative.

Curses are broken. Luck is changed. Relationships are restored. Bodies are healed. Love is found. Lands are protected. Drought is broken. Rains come. Negative energies are dispelled. Shapeshifters causing havoc are thwarted. The impossible is possible and lives are changed.

This is real magic.

Raw, unapologetic, power.

The stuff of Mayan fairytales.

I believe.

Do you?

To join me exploring the real magic of the Maya up close and in person here in Mexico, learn about our SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS. We do both private and small group expeditions into the small villages of Yucatan to bring you into very real connection with Maya people who work with magic and sacred places.


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