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The Maya Path to Happiness

You stand with your face turned toward the sun. You can feel its heat penetrating your skin, deep into your psyche, deep into your energy. It feels like it goes far beyond your skin. Its warmth somehow fills you. You bask in its life-giving light. You connect.

Life is all about connection. We are part of a grand whole, but this illusion of life on earth makes us forget. It is remembering, experiencing this connection that brings us back to center, to who we are, to our eternal selves. This is the core of the Maya teaching. Biix a bel is a greeting that is loosely translated as “How is your path?” Your path to where? Your path to connection, to center, to your awareness that not only is all of creation a world tree, but you are that world tree! We come to this place and forget and while we are here, it is our journey to the path of life and find that place again, that place of remembering and feeling that all is one.

While this may seem like a grand and elaborate plan, it can be understood in very simple terms. There are 4 points of connection and when they are all in balance, you find your place in the Universe. You re-feel the world tree, your roots grounded, your body in this plane, your arms and eyes in the overworld. You are an expression of the Divine.

The four directions each hold an energy. They are both the Maya cross and the basic building blocks of this creation:

  • You

  • Others

  • Nature

  • Spirit

Each one has much definition to it and much to explore, but at its core each is easy to understand.

Lak'in is the Maya word for east. This is where the energy of you comes from. It is you, your heart, your passion, your ideas, your birth, your energy of creation. Its color is red.

Xaman (shaman) is the Maya word for north. It is spirit. This is where the energy of all that is of air and wind and spirit comes from. It is truth and clarity and transparency. It is judgement and understanding. It is the place where the great spirit called Heart of Sky resides. It is the connection, the earthly connection, to the divine. Its color is white.

Chik'in is where the energy of "other" resides. Other is duality. It is other people, both as they connect to you and as they dis-agree with you. It is the half-light. It is our human-ness in its duality of love and fear. Its color is black.

Nohol is where the energy of the earth lives. This is nature, it is harvest and it is death for it is where our bodies return when our time in this animation is finished. It is the abundance of the corn and the waters and the life of the flowers and trees and of all the animals. Its is our home. Its color is yellow.

To find balance, we examine our lives and find where we are connected and where we are not. We may be uncomfortable with one or more of these realms, but they all are necessary in this existence, for they all are part of the whole as we too are part of the whole.

Ask yourself today,

Where am I successfully connecting?

And ask yourself, which area do I most need to work on?

For the path to happiness, is the path to re-awakening to your total connection.

Hugs and butterflies


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