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How to Do a Maya Tzolkin Day Ritual

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Try these easy rituals to bring the help of the Tzolk'in Day Gods into your life!

Maya Tzolkin Day rituals help bring you into alignment with the energy of the day. They can be done every day and there are four basic rituals. They are easy to do, and even though they are basic and don't take much time, they are a powerful way to activate ancient forces that can help you.

To know which ritual to do on any given day, you just need to know the color of the Maya Tzolkin day. You can easily find all that information HERE. Find out what day it is on the Maya Tzolkin calendar and look to see what color the day is. There are 4 colors: Red, White, Blue/Black, and Yellow.

There are 20 different days in the Tzolkin and each day is one of these 4 colors. When you know what color the day is, you find out a lot more information about the day. You find out what "wind" rules the day and what direction that wind is blowing from and what kind of energy that wind brings.

These are the 4 colors and their winds, their directions, and their energies:

Red is the color of the East. The wind that blows from the east is called Lak'in and it brings the energy of passion, fire, and beginnings. The red days are:

  • Imix the Crocodile

  • Chikchan the Feathered Serpent

  • Muluk the Moon

  • B'en the Corn Stalk

  • Kaban the Earth

White is the color of the North. The wind that blows from the north is called Xaman (shaman) and it brings the energy of clarity, transparency, and truth. The white days are:

  • Ik the Wind

  • Kimi Death

  • Ok the Dog

  • Ix the Jaguar

  • Etz'nab the Knife

Black (or blue) is the color of the West. the wind that blows from the west is called Chik'in and it brings the energy of duality, cooperation, and change. The blue/black days are:

  • Ak'bal the Night

  • Manik the Deer

  • Chuwen the Monkey

  • M'en the Eagle

  • Kawak the Storm

Yellow is the color of the South. The wind that blows from the south is called Nohol and it brings the energy of harvest, abundance, and endings. the yellow days are:

  • K'an the Net

  • Lamat the Seed

  • Eb the Path

  • Kib the Owl

  • Ahaw the Sun

Ok, so now you know which colors go with which days.

Rituals: To do a day ritual, its good to have a candle in the color of the day. You can also use something you can hold that is the color of the day, flowers, stones, small things that remind you of the name of the day.

Face the direction of the day

Light your candle with a match (matches have magic!)

Hold your candle or your colored object in front of you

Say this, "I send my voice to the ..... (direction you are facing). I ask you .....(name of the wind) to bring .....(the energy connected with the direction) into my life to help me today. Thank You. (Yum Botik is how you say Thank You in Yucatec Mayan)

Here is an example: This would be for the day Imix the crocodile.

Face East and hold a red candle

"I send my voice to the east. I ask you, Lak'in, to bring the energy of passion, fire, and beginnings into my life to help me today. Yum Botik!"

If you are excited to learn more about maya rituals and magic, there is a super fun and packed E-Guide you can get to help you do more complicated rituals and learn more about real Maya magic! Its super hands on with easy instructions and will help you come more into alignment with the energies of the Tzolkin.

JUST GO HERE to learn more!

Doing the ritual for the west, Chik'in, in a centoe

These simple rituals bring you into alignment with the energy of each day and call the wind to you to help you. They are easy and helpful and fun to do! Make time for five minutes each morning to do the day ritual and you will find yourself more easily getting into the flow of energy and not spending so much time struggling with life by paddling upstream!

Biix a bel . . . How is YOUR path?

Hugs and butterflies


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