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How to Protect Your Home from Negative Energy

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

How do you keep negative energies from taking up residence in your home? As we go about our daily routines, we run into mala vibras (bad vibes) and mal vientos (bad winds) often without even knowing it. Mala vibras are associated with people and mal vientos are associated with other energies. Both can stick to you. You ideally want to create a safe space in your home where these things cannot enter. You CAN protect your home from negative energy. Imagine your home having a peaceful feeling all the time. When you walk in, the things from the day drop behind, you breathe in and feel good.

Here on the Yucatan, there is so much wisdom related to working with energies and how to keep yourself and your home filled with light and free of subtle energies that can cause stress, unrest, and even depression, nightmares, and illness.

Here is one easy, powerful, and effective way to remove any dark energy that might try cloud your home. It was shared with me by Don Francisco, my good friend and a generational Maya healer.

1. Think of an object that you believe is powerful.

It doesn’t matter what the object is, as long as you truly believe it holds power. It is interesting to me that the Maya are not stuck on certain images. They can feel power and have space for it being alive in many different places. You might think of a cross or a crystal or something from nature. The important thing here is that you are confident that it has power.

Power objects
Power Objects on Don Francisco's altar

2. Go buy or obtain that object.

It can also be something that you already own. But go ahead and get the power object. It will be dedicated for solely this purpose. So don’t use something you use for other things. It will also need to be something relatively small and something that can be immersed in water.

3. Find or buy a bag, box, or cloth that you can store your object in.

This should be something dedicated to this purpose. Don’t use it for anything else. If you already own something that you want to use, that is fine. Just know that it will only be used to wrap your power object in.

4. Cleanse your object and the wrap, box or bag with incense.

This can be done by holding it over the incense. Copal is the traditional incense used here on the Yucatan, but palo santo, white sage, and other cleansing incenses will work just as well. The more smoke you create the better. Hold your power object over the smoke, turning it so every part is cleansed. A minute or two of this is enough. It important that you feel good about it. Do the same with the container you have chosen to hold your power object.

5. Take your object to bed with you and sleep with it overnight.

You can hold it or put it under your pillow. You can also put it on a table next to your bed if you don’t feel that holding it or putting it under your pillow will work for you. This allows the object to bond with you. It will feel your energy and know that it is you that it is going to protect. If you feel like it, you can hold it close to your heart and whisper your intentions into it. But according to the instructions I was given, just sleeping with it is enough.

6. Place your object in it’s bag, box, or cloth.

It is ready to go to work for you! Keep it covered and place it in a safe place like on a shelf or your altar (not in a drawer or hidden away). It will attract any negative energies and hold onto them, keeping your home clean of these vibes or winds that would otherwise have an unpleasant impact on the atmosphere of your home.

7. Find a dried gourd bowl or a wooden bowl for charging your power object.

The bowl needs to be big enough to completely contain your power object covered in water. Here on the Yucatan, they use a jicama gourd bowl (sipche in Mayan) for this purpose. If this is something you can’t find, then another type of gourd or a wooden bowl would be a good alternative. It is ok to use this bowl for other purposes. You will only need it once a month to charge your object. If you only use this bowl for sacred purposes, that is better, but if you use it for daily use, you won’t come to any harm.

8. On every full moon, charge your object.

Sleeping with your power object charged it and gave it its original intention. After a month of absorbing unwanted energies, it needs to be cleansed and recharged. To do this, fill your gourd or wooden bowl with water. It is best if the water comes from a clean source like a river, lake, or cenote, but it isn’t imperative. Use fresh water (not salt). Place your power object in the bowl and make sure it is completely covered in water. Place it outside where it can catch the light of the full moon and leave it there overnight. In the morning, place it back in its holder and it will cleanse your home for another moon cycle!

Remember, it is the strength of your belief that draws the power to your object and allows it to work in this manner for you. It can be a little Buddha statue, a Hindu god, a Celtic image, a crystal, an item from nature, or any other thing that you feel drawn to and have a strong belief in. I have a beautiful obsidian stone that I knew was powerful from the first moment I laid eyes on it.

obsidian stone
Obsidian power object

What will you choose?

I would love to hear about your experience! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below or email me at

Happy choosing!


For more about cleansing your home and other rituals you can do to harness the power of Maya Magic, check out this 50 page Guide to Maya Ritual and Magic!

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