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Breathe into Your Maya Energy Centers: Tonalli, Teyolia, & Ihyiolt

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Meditation Below ~

According to ancient Maya tradition, there is an energy that flows through your body called Itz. Itz (eetz) can be translated as the “dew of heaven” and is also the substance blessing that flows from the god Itzamna (the 3-fold god of creation) to the earth and all living things. You might like to imagine it as thick, golden honey filled with light.

This energy substance flows up your spinal column and settles in wheels similar to chakras. The energy flowing through your body is so similar to the Kundalini in that it too is symbolized by a serpent, the Feathered Serpent called Kukulkan (I love how ancient traditions have so much in common!)

The Energy Centers

The words we will use to describe the subtle energy centers where this vital force is concentrated are actually Aztec words because the memory of the Maya words has been forgotten although the practice has not. We will begin with the Ihyiotl (ee-yo-tl) which is the vital breath and resides in one’s liver. It is the source of our emotions: Love, desire, courage, passion, elation.

The energy center in the heart is called the Teyolia (tey-yo-li-a) and is where the mind resides. This may seem contrary to the idea of your emotions being in your heart. The idea is that your intelligence is in your heart. This is your thinking mind, your personality, knowledge and memory. Your thoughts are said to be shaped by this “divine fire”

At the top of your head is where you touch the Divine. This is the Tonalli (pronounced tone-a- yee). It is your higher self, your Divine essence. This divine is linked to the sun and so here there is a warmth that connects you to the sun and to your divine self and to the gods.

Maya subtle energy centers
Maya Energy Centers

A powerful yet simple breathing exercise can be done to connect with and move these energies.

Breathing into Your Energy Centers Meditation:

  • Sit comfortably with your back straight or lay down, whichever is more comfortable for you. If you lay down, do it without a pillow.

  • Begin by placing your hands on your belly. Breath into your belly and focus on your breath in this area. Imagine a golden liquid spiraling around in this area as you take 9 breaths evenly in and out.

  • Move your hands to your heart and focus on your breath in this area. Breath into your heart space and imagine golden honey light spiraling in your chest. Take 9 easy even breaths into this area.

  • Then rub your palms together to create heat. Place your palms on the crown of your head and feel the heat from your hands on your head. Envision the sun is warming your head. Now focus your breath in this space. Breathe easily and evenly in and out 9 times while imagining a spiral of warm, golden light is moving at the top of your head.

  • When you finish, hold your hands to your heart (you may hold them in a prayer position if you like) and give thanks in Mayan, “Yum Botik”

I would love to hear about your experience while doing this powerful yet simple meditation.

Hugs and Butterflies,


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