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The World Tree Breathwork-Meditation

This is a Maya meditation that you can use to help bring you into alignment with the energies of the divine beings and to help you find your own center. Try doing it every morning. If you do this consistently, you will begin to notice amazing synchronicities happening. Magic will flow in and around you. It’s exciting! The Maya deities are real and still very active and they are here to help you!

NOTE: There is a lot of breath work in this meditation, so take it easy and do what is comfortable for you. Just use normal breathing, but do it with awareness, paying close attention to each breath. If you are comfortable with breathwork, take long slow breaths and make sure to breathe out for a longer time than you breathe in. This keeps you from getting dizzy.

ALSO: You will find an easier version of this meditation at the bottom of this page.


This is called the World Tree Meditation. You use the pose of the World Tree and invite the spirit-winds of all four directions into your life . Each direction has a spirit/wind. Each spirit/wind brings something different into your life. By honoring each of the 4 winds, you come into alignment with them and create space for them to move more freely in your life. During this meditation, pay attention to the candle. The winds of the four directions are coming to you to be with you and support you and it is very exciting to see the candle flicker as this is a sign! Journal your experience.

The stance or pose you will use during this meditation is Yaxche, the World Tree. By using this pose, you become the World Tree. You therefore find your connection to 3 spaces: The underworld, this realm, and the overworld!

You will also be doing a lot of breathing. Breathing moves the energy of Itz through your body. Itz (pronounced eetz) is the blessing of the gods. It is what waters the earth and everything in it, under it, and above it with life.


1. Light a white candle and let it burn while you do this. Use a match if you can rather than a lighter. Matches have a heart of flame and carry their own magic which adds to the power of this meditation!

2. PRACTICE once before you begin: Imagine you are the world tree. Stand like you are a tree. Your legs slightly apart and comfy, your spine tall, and your arms stretched out to your sides and slightly up, palms up. Both feet are on the ground, unlike the tree pose in Yoga. (You are going to stand this way for 9 breaths, so if you get tired, it is fine to bend your elbows as much as you need to) You can feel your feet going down into the ground and your head and arms like branches going up into the heavens. Your body is the trunk which is in this domain. Breathe in and imagine energy called “itz” coming up from Xibalba (the Maya underworld) and going through your trunk, out through the top of your head and up into Flower Mountain (the Maya overworld or heaven). Then breathe our and imagine the energy called “itz” flowing the other way, down from Flower Mountain into the top of your head, through your trunk which is your body, down through your legs and out your feet and back into Xibalba. This is just a practice breath. You will do this 9 times for each direction.

3. EAST: Begin by facing east. Become the world tree. Arms out, palms up. Now look forward to the East and imagine you see the spirit wind LAK’IN far off in the distance. Lak’in brings you the energy of passion, and beginnings. This is birth. You are going to take NINE breaths, feeling the itz rising up and down through you as you did in the World Tree practice while you imagine LAK’IN coming towards you until this wind spirit is very close to you. You may even feel the wind as a slight stirring of air or notice the candle flickering!

4. NORTH: When you finish, turn north. (Take a moment to recover your breath and shake out your arms) Then resume your pose as the World Tree. XAMAN (pronounced shaman) is the wind spirit who lives in the north. Xaman bring you clarity, transparency and truth. This is understanding. You are going to take NINE breaths, feeling the itz energy rising up and down through you as you did in the World Tree practice while you imagine XAMAN coming towards you until this wind spirit is very close to you.

5. WEST: Turn west. Relax for a moment to catch your breath and relax your arms. Resume your pose as the World Tree. Then focus on CHIK’IN the spirit wind that blows from the west. Imagine you see CHIKIN far off in the distance as you did with Lakin and Xaman. Chikin brings you duality and change. This is intuition. Take NINE breaths in the same manner as before, feeling the itz rising and descending through your tree-body. With each breath imagine CHIK’IN coming closer to you. You welcome CHIK’IN.

6. SOUTH: Turn south. Relax for a moment. Then resume your pose as the World Tree, breathing the itz energies up and down as you picture NOHOL, the spirit wind of the south coming toward you from a long distance. NOHOL brings you abundance and harvest. Receive Nohol.

7. CENTER: When you have done all 4 directions, squat (or bend) down and touch the ground at your feet. This is where the World Tree, Yaxche (yash-che) resides. Say thank you in Mayan, “Yum Botik” Then stand up. You are finished.


You can also do this meditation by only doing one set of nine breaths.

Face east. East is the most important direction because it is where the sun rises.

Rather than focusing on the spirit wind of the east, you are going to focus on Ahaw, the day god of the sun.

Ahaw is the god over all the other gods. So, if you want to focus on only one deity, you want to focus on Ahaw. Ahaw is all the good things in life, happiness, and well-being.

Light a white candle and place it on the eastern side of the room.

Face east and stand in the pose of the World Tree

Take nine breaths, feeling the energy of itz moving up and down through your body as you do so.

Imagine the beautiful iridescent light of Ahaw far away from you. With each breath you take, Ahaw moves closer. As Ahaw moves closer, you can feel the warmth of this creator god who is the embodiment of purity and love.

During your ninth breath, image that you can feel the presence of Ahaw all around you.

When you finish, touch the ground which is center and say thank you, “Yum Botik”

Closing Thoughts

An ideal way to bring this breathwork meditation into your life is to begin with the easier version and slowly and comfortably work your way toward the full meditation.

You can bed your arms at the elbow, pulling your elbows into your side as much as you need to while still keeping your palms turned upward. This releases a lot of tension and make the exercise easier.

Also, take shorter breaths when you first begin. They can just be very normal relaxed breaths. Then work toward longer ones as you improve your ability to sustain this. Make sure you breathe out for a longer time than you breathe in. This will keep you from getting dizzy.

Doing this breathwork-meditation each morning is relaxing, cleansing, and will bring you to a place of feeling peaceful and centered to begin your day. It will also bring you more and more into alignment with the ancient energies of the Maya which are here to help you improve your life in every way!

Hugs and butterflies


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