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To walk the path is to come into alignment with the energies of creation. Long ago, the Maya devised a powerful calendar that moves in rhythm with the gods. The energies flow like a wave, rising and falling, going through the cycles of life that are common to all of us. This wave touches on rest and action, giving thanks, providing food and shelter, learning, and connecting with the earth, beginning and ending, gathering and finding truth, growth, loss, travel, and illumination. The Sacred Calendar guides us through these courses and shows us when to move and when to be still. It brings us into harmony with the available energies and teaches us to rest on a day when the gods are resting and the build on a day when the lord who builds is at work.

To walk the path is to move with the energies, to give thanks to the gods who rule the days, and to work with them, rather than resist them. It is a beautiful walk, a walk that leads us toward balance. For we must all work, and we must all play. We must all ponder, and we must all sleep.

And the secret is to move in harmony, to live in balance with the ways of the universe, with each other, and with yourself.

I greet you today as the Maya greet each other, “Biix a bel?” . . . How is your path?


260 Days to plan and come into alignment

260 intentions

Magical Wave Entries

Colors and Directions

Maya Rituals

Ancient Art pages to color in 

LOTS of room to plan

Energetic and Power places for each day

Amulets to use each day

Ways to use the energy of each day to bring your life into alignement

and so much more! 

545 pages! 

Sacred Tzolk'in Daily Planner

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