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Bringing the Tzolkin Home


Imagine Feng Shui Maya Style! Did you know your PERSONAL Tzolkin Birth energy can transform the energy in your life and home? Here are NINE amazing ways you can bring this powerful energy into your daily life, your attire, your sacred space, and your home. Come into greater alignment with your Day God/Nawal and find center where all things go with the flow and life is easier, happier, more abundant, and everything seems to just work out for you! This course has 9 lessons. Each lesson includes a video of Laura explaining everything clearly, text that expands on the information in the video, and lots of suggestions for fun things to DO to help bring you into better alignment with your own birth energy. You will transform your home's energy by adjusting your colors and décor, adding images, plants, objects, elements, and even foods to your home-scape. There are 9 areas of ancient Maya wisdom to draw from to make these powerful changes. Each area is included in a lesson. Including: Discovering Your Tzolkin Birth Sign Finding Your Direction Discovering Your Direction Color Learning Your Personal Colors Finding Out Which of the 4 Elements is Yours Discovering Your Personal Season Learning Your Personal Power Places Finding Out What Your Personal Totems Are Learning Your Plant Ally This ancient Maya wisdom is as powerful today as it was 3000 years ago and it can be YOURS in all sorts of easy and fun ways. Find out what YOUR energy is and how your can harness it today!

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