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What Scrambled Under the Chair?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Sarah tried to wake up. A deep pall hung over the bedroom. As she struggled to consciousness, the sound of heavy scratching wafted into the room. She was sure it was the dog wanting to come inside. Pulling herself further awake like she was pulling herself from the dark silty waters of a fathomless lagoon, she slipped out of bed and left her bedroom only to find she had to step over the dog who was fast asleep on the floor by her bedroom door. The scratching sound had been loud enough to warrant investigation, but before she headed out into the living room, she stopped to check on her 6-year-old son, Ayden. He too was fast asleep.

It felt like a sleeping spell had been cast over the whole house. Silvery light from the full moon streamed in through the windows casting gentle shadows and illuminating everything. Sarah stepped into the living room where a long couch covered in a handwoven flowery blanket sat flanked by two formal looking armchairs. Immediately, she caught the site of something moving on the floor and snapped her head to catch the source of the sound. Two tiny bare legs were scrambling under one of the armchairs, scrambling into a space too small for her 6-year-old to ever fit into.

Sarah just stood there, looking straight at the little legs, watching the little feet and tiny toes as they pushed against the white tile floor until they too slipped under the chair and were completely hidden from view.

Nothing else moved; not the dog, not her son. It was like all the birds and frogs and chicharras were also asleep. Perhaps the small being that scrambled under the couch had cast a spell over all of creation, not wanting to be discovered.

We believe Sarah saw an alux (pronounced aloosh). Her experience fit the description perfectly.

Aluxob (plural for alux) are small humanoid creatures, sometimes a foot high, sometimes 2-3 feet high, who can shape-shift or be invisible. They are created by Maya shamen for the purpose of guarding land/homes. There is so much to learn about them. But for now, I know that they are real as I have had several run-ins with them myself.

To read about the day I saw one near the ruins, go here: Seeing an Alux on the Island of Cozumel

To discover 10 things about aluxob, go here: Alux: Guardian of the Maya Jungle

Sarah thinks her cat, Elliot, who was rescued from the middle of the road in a small Maya pueblo, might be an alux. It's possible, as they often take the form of small animals when they are not in their tiny human form. . . and by the way . . . where WAS the cat during this alux episode?

Perhaps Elliot is an alux, or perhaps Sarah brought one home with her on an expedition into the caves and jungles of the Yucatan. We may not know the details of where it came from, but we will continue to watch out for nighttime activities and listen for scratching in the dark…

Until next time,

Staying under the covers,


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