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Moving Stones: A Modern Mystic & An Ancient Mystery

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The following takes places in two different locations (Kaua and Chumpon),

at two different times (October 2019 and November 2018),

and with two different middle-aged Maya men (Don Miguel and Eliadoro).

Kaua, Oct. 2019 - We stood in a circle of art-carvings done from both stone and exotic trees. A giant tree stump carved into an array of serpents, crocodiles, Maya figures, turtles, and mythical dragons commanded space in the center of the circle. Around the perimeter stood stone and wood Maya gods, spirit figures, and elemental beings, each displayed on top of a large block of limestone.

Don Miguel, the artist, moved around the circle, explaining the significance of each piece. His disheveled pony-tail and faded t-shirt gave him a relaxed appearance, but the sparkle in his eye and intensity of his voice spoke of profound knowledge hidden beneath his understated exterior.

Chumpon, Nov. 2018 - Eliadoro lived in the village of Chumpon in the Zona Maya. He was our guide for a weekend of spiritual discovery and took us to a dry cave, a church we were not allowed to enter, and a tiny restaurant with baby chickens running about the floor. As he showed us around, he spoke of his ancestors. They were famous for building the mysterious pyramids scattered all throughout the Yucatan. To date, modern science has been at a loss to explain their building techniques. But Eliadoro’s understanding wasn’t bound by modern science and its rigid beliefs. He knew how the pyramids were built. The knowledge had been passed down to him through the generations. He shared the secret with us. It was a secret the modern scientists would never believe.

Kaua, Oct. 2019 - “Don Miguel, how did you get those limestone blocks in here?" asked Noe, one of our team members who was always asking the difficult questions. “They must have been very heavy.”

Don Miguel ran his hand over one of the solid blocks before he answered. Some of the the blocks were waist high and a meter square. They were carved from the limestone that made up the geology of the entire peninsula--the very same limestone that was used to build the ancient pyramids that were now hidden beneath years of growth in the surrounding jungle.

Chumpon, Nov. 2018 - "So, Eliadoro, do you know how the ancient Maya built the pyramids?" asked Noe, one of our team members who was always asking the difficult questions.

“Yes, I know how our ancestors built the pyramids,” said Eliadoro. “I know how they lifted those heavy limestone blocks into place.”

Kaua Oct. 2019 & Chumpon, Nov. 2018 - “With the power of the mind.”

(You can imagine both Eliadoro and Don Miguel answering thus, their voices at different times and in different places imposed over each other as they proclaimed the exact same thing.)

Kaua, Oct 2019 - “Why waste your energy lifting something heavy with your body when you can lift it with your mind?” asked Don Miguel, cryptically.

Chumpon, Nov. 2018 - “Our ancestors used to whistle and focus their energy with their minds and the stones floated up from the ground and into place on the pyramids and other ancient buildings,” explained Eliadoro, openly. “But they lost the power to move things with their minds long ago.”

* I think Don Miguel would disagree.

Sifting for answers,


To learn more about what Eliadoro told us go here.

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