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Bits of stories from behind the scenes

Updated: May 26

I thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek into my journal. It is full of half-stories told by Maya locals in tiny villages, bits and pieces of information about all sorts of odd happenings including some that seem almost too difficult for even me to believe, and questions and ideas about missing information that I want to follow up on.

It isn't very organised, cause life isn't very organised. And when I am listening to a tale of other-world beings in the wild lands of the Yucatan, I am not usually at liberty to just ask the story teller to stop and repeat the part that I missed or to fill in details that I don't understand.

Here are a few little bits:

Are ALL of the cenote entrances to portals to other dimensions?

We need to do a ceremony for permission. More about that here.

The security officer saw a woman with a baby come out of her cabin. She went over to the palapa and sat in a hammock and ricked her baby and then went back to her cabin. But in the morning, he discovered there was no woman with a baby staying at the hotel.

Over 3000 corpses in Chac-Mool before they explored it. More about that here.

The Chinese Forest in the cenote Taj Mahal is an underground forest

Heard ghost machetes and asked if he should leave and the machetes went crazy.

Consciousness is an awareness of connection to the whole.

Xtabay can be a bird with three toes or a snake. She is a very green snake that can turn into a woman and can be found in the tops of ceiba trees. Can leap to another tree.

Gato was taken into the tree by Xtabay. He saw a woman wearing traditional Mayan clothes. She floated. He woke up inside the tree on a bed of spines. He still sees her sometimes.

In the cenote, around 12 am, you hear a cascading water fall, but when you go check on it, everything is completely calm.

Are you starting to get the idea?

This is how it usually looks. piecing things together takes time and often involves comparing many accounts of one story.

Here are a few more:

It is dangerous to leave an offering for an alux (story about an alux here) because they can come back alive and you don't know if they will be good or bad. They throw rocks.

Ritual in the woods. lots of guys gather around a big rock (I couldn't make out the name of it) there are prayers, a priest is included. Then they hunt. The blood was offered as a sacrifice for the rain god Chaac.

A ritual and prayers were offered in a cave with water for the rain.

An alux protected a man in the pueblo when a snake tried to bite him. the alux grabbed it and threw it away. (Everything you need to know about an alux here)

Our spirits and souls leave us when we go to sleep and come when we wake up.

A guest in the hotel saw a few little naked people (two feet tall) on a table throwing clothing out of the suitcases. He fell asleep and when he woke up everything was back to normal.

All of this was from one weekend. And there was more. So much more that I hardly know where to begin.



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