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3 Encounters with A Naughty Alux

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Do you believe in aluxes? I DO! I had three crazy experiences during two back-to-back Heal & Re-Activate Your Spiritual Sight retreats!

An alux (pronounced a-loosh) is a bit like a Maya leprechaun. It is a magical forest guardian that can shapeshift and disappear and is generally known for being a bit mischievous. I have had previous experiences with them (read more here) and what happened in the days after the retreats was no less mysterious than my previous encounters.

The first story starts two years ago when I lost my driver’s license. I was in my car stopped at the gate to enter a gated community and I needed to show ID to enter. I opened my wallet, pulled out my, license, and felt it slip through my fingers and drop in between the front seats. I couldn’t find it quickly, so I pulled out a different form of ID and continued through the gate, no problem. However, when I parked the car and got out, I still could not find my license. Later, when I was back home, I turned the car inside out looking for it. No luck. Then I did it again several more time with the help of friends. Still no luck. In the end I had to order a new card and have it brought down from the United States.

Fast forward two years to the day after the first of the back-to back retreats. We had spent the night out in the villages and I had brought my back pack as my overnight bag, which was my normal practice. I have done this countless times over the past two years. After every trip I empty my backpack completely and clean it out. But this time, as I was dumping everything out of the well-love pack, guess what I found? The driver’s license I lost in my car two years ago! Be assured that my backpack was not in the car that day. It was hanging up in my closet. Also know that I really do clean it out thoroughly every time I use it so it was just so completely unexpected to find my lost card in one of the interior pockets!

Did an alux steal my card and then return it years later? They have been known to pull pranks like this before!

Story number two: Max and I were sitting on the couch having coffee the morning after the second retreat. Our coffee cups were sitting on the little table in front of the couch and we were quietly chatting. It was just starting to get light and the world was peaceful and still when suddenly the sound of someone hitting one of the coffee cups with a metal object like a spoon rang out surprisingly loudly in the living room! There were two taps, like someone was trying to get our attention, and then nothing more!

Aluxes are known to make all sorts of strange sounds, so this was very much aligned with what the locals will tell you is normal alux behavior.

And event number three? The following evening, we were watching a Netflix show on my computer. I have a Bluetooth speaker that I use for sound and both the computer, and the speaker were sitting on the little coffee table. Max and I were relaxing, leaning back, and watching the show when suddenly the sound went off. The speaker was still on. The computer seemed fine, but there was no sound and I could not figure out what happened. Tired, we gave up and went to bed.

The next morning, I finally got to the bottom of the issue. While we were sitting on the couch, relaxing and engrossed in the show, the sound was suddenly muted on my computer. Neither one of us had been within three feet of it when it happened. Again, I believe we had a small, invisible trickster!

After discovering what had happened to my computer, I decided to write about what happened. TWICE while I was writing the story out, everything suddenly disappeared and I got a message saying…oops, something went wrong! I don’t think the little being want me to share his story!

Perhaps he is asleep now . . .

I will let you know if he makes his presence known again.

Watching and waiting,


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