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A Real Alux House

Updated: May 26

There is a cenote on private land in the jungle near Puerto Morelos in Mexico that is quite certainly home to an alux. How do I know this?

Because it was impossible for the owner to have a staircase built to provide access into the jungle pool.

The workers came back in the morning after nailing heavy, hardwood boards into place the day before only to find their work torn up and scattered violently across the limestone strewn land in the jungle. It looked as if a hurricane had come through during the night. This seems to be a common theme when it comes to men trying to build on alux-owned land. Stories often include tools and supplies scattered to the four corners of the wind.

Which I find to be quite interesting, because according to the local Maya, aluxob (plural for alux) are air.

I asked a handful of the locals, "What exactly IS an alux? Is it an animal? Does it have a body form? Or is it a spirit?" The answer surprised me. It is not an animal nor is it a spirit. It is nature. It is elemental. It is air.

Elemental beings include things like faeries, trolls, mermaids, and dragons. Each is a representation of one of the four basic earth elements: earth, air, fire, or water. Faeries are air, trolls are earth, mermaids are water and dragons are fire. That seems like a nice story to me, but a bit confusing. At first I thought, well faeries fly, mermaids like the water and so on. But I think I am finally getting a handle on what it means to be an elemental being.

It is nature itself. An alux IS air. It is a manifestation of air. Here is a great example of how this works using water from the movie Moana (one of my favorite movies) In one of the beginning scenes, Moana meets the water. It gives her a pretty shell and puts a flower in her hair. Here is the clip so you can see what I mean. Notice how the water seems to have a personality? It is alive. So, I believe this is how elemental work, they are actually nature, alive, conscious, capable of shape-shifting and of interacting with people, animals, and other beings. An alux is an extension of air. it can transform into other shapes, like a small child or animal tree stump or rock, but its core essence, or it's building blocks, if you will, is air.

Well, that would make sense then when you see the damage that it does looks like a hurricane hit.

So, what did the builders do?

Being Maya, they were aware of aluxob and they knew their best plan of attack was to build a little house for the elemental being and place an offering in it. In this case, a bottle of wine. And guess what? As soon as they did, they were able to complete the work and build a beautiful staircase down to the surface of the cenote water. Of course, what was IN that water, is a whole 'nother story.

Not going swimming,


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