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A New Maya Princess Gets a Basket of Princess Clothes

This is Samuel and Estella and their new baby girl! They live in La Colonia in Puerto Morelos. La Colonia is the more "local" part of this quaint beach town. Its across the highway where the homes are cheaper, the street food is fabulous, and families take time to hang out together. Being able to give a baby bath-tub filled with clothing and goodies for this little doll and her parents was so much fun! It was a total surprise to them and they were overwhelmed with appreciation. I feel so lucky that I get to do this and that i get to be part of their lives. Samuel works as a scuba diver in the area. He leads dives and shows people both the amazing reef here and the underground water-filled cave system the locals consider sacred. Such a cool job! If you are visiting Puerto Morelos, maybe you will get a chance to meet this lovely family. In the meantime, enjoy the photo and feel the joy! hugs to all having so much fun, laura One things we do is take donations from people visiting the area and bring the donations to families in need. If you plan to visit the Riviera Maya, you can pack a few extras in your suitcase and connect with us when you get here. Its so much fun to see the simple pleasure it brings to a family in need to receive even something small.

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