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Food for the Hungry

When the world closes down and there is no help, how do you feed your family?

The pandemic here meant no work. There was no government help. People were going without. Children were going to bed hungry. So we (Max and I) went to the store and bought some canned goods, fresh fruit, milk, beans, rice, and a few other things and we went down into an area of Puerto Morelos they call "The Invasion"

The Invasion is an area of town occupied long term by squatters. The roads are dirt and the homes are made from whatever is handy, some sticks, a few loading pallets, some bamboo, maybe a tarp, some tin or grass for a roof. It is a very poor area and the people there live in conditions that are awful during the best of times.

I have walked the streets in that part of town before. I just have this thing where I need to familiarize myself with areas like that. I dress down (no jewelry, no purse, simple conservative clothing), park down the road, and just walk. I say hi to people and chat a little and I listen to their stories. Max and I did the same thing this time. We kept a very low profile and handed out a few foods items to people here and there. We did some listening to their troubles and soon decided we needed to get in gear and do something more for these people. Desperation can be a terrible thing. A bag of rice is a tremendous blessing in times like these.

So we went back to the store and worked with the manager to get food at cost. We bought clear plastic bags (so people could see what we were giving them) and called our friends to help. So many of you gave generously and we were able to go back again and again, giving out bags of basic foods and fresh fruits and veggies.

I love to talk with people. I always want to know their names. These are not numbers, they are men and women, boys and girls, who have hopes and dreams. That is why the tag line for Poverty Project International is , "It all starts with the one in front of you." We may not be able to change the lives of everyone, but we can change the life for a moment for the one we are talking to.

Thank you so much for you care and support during this time. YOU helped us make a big difference.

Heartfelt thanks


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