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Energetic Medicine

Plant Guide

Traditional Yucatec plant use for the ENERGETIC healing of your body, mind, spirit, emotions, and space. 

While our page is in its infancy, please know that this is the beginning of a vast project to document the energetic uses of plants used by generational healers in the Yucatan in Mexico.

All of the information you find here comes directly from Maya people who live in Yucatan. We go out into the small villages about once a month to learn about Maya magic and healing. While the Maya have lost much of their culture over the past 500 years, one thing they still hold is the healing arts. The Maya believe that everything begins in the spirit. And so the uses you find here will address things like, bringing protection, changing luck, getting rid of bad vibes and curses, breaking the hold of worry and anxiety, warding off the evil eye, and many other non-physical aliments.

It is in healing the energy that the life is healed.

Keep checking back as our list is growing and expanding.

pictured here is the medicinal plant garden of Don Francisco, our good friend who is a traditional yerbatero (plant shaman)

medicinal plant garden.jpg
ruda called rue in English

Ruda, Rue

Ruda (rue in English) is a common plant used for removing negative energies. It is so common that you can buy it in the fruit and veggie markets and even in the grocery stores (buyer beware, even though it can be used as an herb in small amounts, it can be toxic if consumed in large amounts!) The Maya often have this plant growing in a pot outside the front door to prevent negative energies from entering the home. You can also put a few springs in a glass of water and keep it near your door, either inside or out. 

Ruda is also used by healers and shamans to cleanse a person's energy. Don Francisco uses it in combination with copal incense, prayers and chanting during limpias (personal cleansings). It is typically sprinkled with rum and then used to tap the recipient of the cleansing all over while the healer is chanting in Mayan. 

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