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Oracle & Life-Path Readings

Wisdom of the Universe

The Universe is Speaking

Let the Reading Speak to You

You can choose between two types of readings. Or you can choose them both and see what wisdom the Universe has in store for you! 

Maya Life-Path Readings reveal your Maya sign and birth-chart and, not only tell you about your personaity, but give you advice in how to approach life, how to deal with emotions, what types of actions to take, what energies you are moving into and so much more. They are based on the Sacred Tzolk'in Maya Calendar, an ancient source of wisdom that is more than 2500 years old! 

Maya Majiks Oracles Cards hold the wisdom of the Tzolk'in too, but they add in the gods, the magical wave, the elemental beings, sacred places, and Maya life too. Ask your question and let the cards share their wisdom with you!  

Maya Majiks oracle card  Reading

TWO Types of Readings

Maya Oracle and Maya Life -Path

Read about both and decide which one is right for you!


Maya Life-Path

This is amazing ancient wisdom that starts by revealing your Mayan Birth Sign and then gives you information about your past, your present, and your future and shows you which energies want to work with you to help you reach your highest potential!

You can choose: 

Tree of Life

Advanced Tree of Life



Relationship Reading

heart of sky heart of earth maya cross (

Maya Majiks Oracle

These oracle card readings include a lovey and thorough explanation of what each card means and shows you how you can apply the information to your life. And you get to start out by asking any question you wish! 

You can choose: 

3 card Basic Reading 

 5 card Maya Cross Reading

7 card Elemental Virtues Reading


All readings are tailored to your specific question

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