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The Harmony Project

Make a Deeper Connection

The 2 Hands of Harmony

Preserve & Support

This exciting NEW PROJECT brings YOU together with the two hands of Maya Harmony

in a personal, powerful, and practical way. 

Preserve Maya Wisdom

On one hand ...We are preserving Maya wisdom healing arts and the knowledge of the magic of the jungles
by learning directly from those who are living it.
Talk Directly with the Wisdom Keepers

Learn Directly from Maya Wisdom Keepers through FB live questions and answer sessions

Get Access to 
Raw Information

Get the unfiltered, raw, powerful and sometimes secret information we don't post anywhere else 

Get the On-Site
Inside Scoop

Get access to posts happening DURING the adventures so you can get the inside scoop

Ask your Questions & Chat with Laura

Chat with Laura online and ask your questions DURING the expeditions into the villages and power places

Maya Majiks Oracle Card Reading

The first 30 members will also have access to a Maya Majiks Oracle Reading once a month. I realistically cant do more than 30 readings a month which is why we have to keep this number so low! 

Support Maya Families

And the other hand ... the financial donation that gives you access  to all of the above will help support Maya families in those same villages that the wisdom keepers call home. ​
Local Families

Send kids to school, repair homes, and feed families

Maya Farmers

Sustainable farming in traditional ways 

Wisdom Keepers

Help them focus on their work in their own community

The Elderly

Medicine, reading glasses, food, housing repair and more

Don Francisco making plant medicine.jpg
Perserve Wisdom

Preserve Maya Wisdom

You will have the rare opportunity to:

Learn DIRECTLY from Maya Wisdom Keepers

Your donation gains you access to a PRIVATE Facebook Group where you will be part of 

Facebook Live question and answer sessions with




Story Tellers


and other members of the Maya Community

 . . . THINK . . .

people like Don Francisco, our good friend who is a generational shaman and healer, answering your personal questions LIVE from their homes, farms, and sacred places in Yucatan.

Get Access to Raw, Unfiltered Information


You'll also get  tons of raw information that we typically don't share in blog articles or FB posts. 

In all honesty, so much happens on these trips into Yucatan that most of it never makes it into a blog story or FB post. Typically, there you will only see the highlights and you'll miss a lot of the deeper things.


There are powerful things of a sensitive nature that we are very careful about sharing, so these things are SELDOM spoken about on the website or in the public FB group. As a member of The Harmony Project, you will have access to the raw and unfiltered stuff. 

 . . . THINK . . .

the stuff Don Miguel, the story-keeper, told us about the inside workings of his community and specifically how it was tied to supernatural forces, or the details of Maya ceremonies that we typically don't share. 


Get the On-Sight, In the Moment, Inside Scoop


You'll Get the ON-SIGHT inside scoop on what's going on while we are on adventures.

Rather than having to wait until the adventure is over, you'll have access to posts made from the sites (when we have signal!)

 . . . THINK . . .

Lots of extra photos and in the moment gems from on top of Maya pyramids, inside Maya homes, possibly ghost hunts or alux encounters, photos of medicinal plants that have magical properties and more stuff like that! 

Chat with Laura DURING the Expeditions!

Have the opportunity to ask Laura questions via FB Messenger CHAT during excursions (usually in the evenings) 

I will be online in the evenings while we are out in Yucatan but back in the hotel and I can set aside time to chat with you via the FB messenger private group that is part of the private FB group. This is a cool way to connect since everyone in the private FB group can join the FB messenger chat and we can message in real time as a community. 


 . . . THINK . . .

A small group of interested people from all over the world chatting in a group live (or reading the thread afterwards) and having the opportunity to ask about what we are learning and experiencing first hand! You'll be able to ask about our cave adventures, conversations with local Maya healers, cleansing sessions, and so much MORE! 

Maya Majiks Oracle Card Reading

The first 30 members will also have access to a Maya Majiks Oracle Reading once a month. I realistically cant do more than 30 readings a month which is why we have to keep this number so low! 

This is a SUPER COOL way to connect 
and to be part of the conversation!
mayan family in invasion.jpg

Support Maya Families


You can help us make a difference

The Problem


We were trying to come up with a way to be able to give back to Maya families on a need by need basis. So often when we are out in the small villages, we run into people with desperate problems and we want to be able to help them, right then, right there, because the opportunity to help will probably not come around again. But this means needing a fund that is always available and on the spot. 

In the past we have raised support for specific issues, usually BIG ones that are community wide and take some planning. We have had time to raise funds and have set specific goals based on what was the projected need was. 

But we were unable to help so many. Along the way, while working to help Maya farms recover from hurricanes, we were approached to community members that had so many other needs and sadly, we had to turn those people away. 

This is typical. There are many things that come up in the moment. You are at the home of a local fisherman helping him build a new roof and in walks his aunt who is battling pneumonia and dosent have money for medicine. You have only brought enough for the building process, and you have to tell the poor woman that you have nothing to give her.

If you are curious about what we have done in the past
The Solution

Your generous monthly donation to The Harmony Project will help us create a fund to support Maya people in small villages. It will give us a way to help them when they need it most. 


By creating an ongoing fund that connects you to the Maya local wisdom in some magical ways, we can be ready whenever the need arises. You get to learn so many powerful things and connect in a very real way with these people in a way that will help you bring more magic into your own life, while supporting those very people who are supporting you! 

And of course, you will get to hear the stories of how we were able to bring practical help to people. You will get to see the photos and videos and hear the stories in the FB group and through articles on the blog. These are the two hands of The Harmony Project. They give to you the knowledge you are looking for of ancient healing arts, wisdom, power and magic and in return, you reach into their lives in a simple but powerful way by giving back. 

And the plan is to let you choose how much you want to give. It is a monthly donation where YOU SET THE AMOUNT and you, of course, can cancel at any time. 

You get to decide how much you want to give
Gifts are tax deductible

Together We Can Change all Our Worlds

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