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Trecena Eb': 13 Days of Considering Your Path

June 19 - July 1, 2023

There is a Maya greeting that is loosely translated as, "How are you?" It is a formal greeting and literally means, "How is your path?" The fuller name of you path is The Path of the Feathered Serpent . . . and the Feathered Serpent is the Divine. When you are born, you come to this incarnation with gifts and with challenges. You have a destiny which you can choose or choose not to follow. If you are born with a wonderful gift of music, then studying music and sharing your gift would be part of your destiny. A soul who is born into the energy of music, but never develops it, will miss so much of the blessing of music. In fact, a musician uses music to process their emotions, so a musician who never steps into their innate ability and hones their craft, will miss out on a powerful way to process their emotions!

What gifts were you born with? What does your heart love? What do you feel drawn to? These things are part of your path. They bring you closer to the creator as you develop your abilities and use them to enrich the world, help others, and raise the vibration of the planet.

The next 13 days are focused on the energy of your path. As you follow along with the days, each day will help you to more fully come into alignment with your own personal energy. Let's begin with 1 Eb, the first day of this trecena and see how the next 13 days unfold!

For fun, you can draw the glyph for Eb the Path each day during this trecena to help bring you more into alignment with this energy!

Drawing and writing bring things to life!

Also, notice the swirls that are like legs on the glyph. These are called "breath scrolls" and mean that this glyph is BREATHING!

1 Eb: The Path - June 19, 2023

Are you heading in the direction you want to go?

This day is about your path in life. It is a great day for travel be it across town or across the planet. But more than anything it is about taking time to look at your path and see if you are heading where you want to go. Small changes make a big difference long term. But before you can make those changes, you need to decide where you want to go. Quiet yourself today. Go into a safe space in your waking dream-space and look deep within. Where do you want to be a year from now? Are you headed in that direction?

2 Ben: The Corn Stalk - June 20, 2023

Ben is the staff of power and is linked to the serpent energy that rises along the spine (similar to the Kundalini). It is a day for stepping into your personal power. In this trecena of the path, consider how stepping into your own best can help you on your path in life. If you are the best version of yourself, with confidence (but not ego), then you can more fully fulfill your destiny. Interesting that the path is called the “Path of the Feathered Serpent” and the energy linked to this day is the Feathered Serpent energy! How can you harness this empowering energy today?

3 Ix: The Jaguar - June 21, 2023

Ix is the Earth Goddess. It is the raw energy of Mother Nature herself. You are intrinsically linked to this energy because you also come from the earth along with all the plants, animal, rocks, volcanoes, water….everything on this bring blue planet. You eat things from the earth. You walk on the earth. You are filled with her magic! As you strengthen your connection with Ix, you strengthen yourself. To most effectively walk your path, you need to draw energy from the earth. Take time today to deeply connect with her.

4 Men: The Eagle - June 22, 2023

Vision Board Day! I love to use Pinterest for this. You can create a folder and then fill it with photos of things you want to bring into being in your life! You can also just search the internet and save pictures into a folder on your computer. If you are super inspired, print them out and tack them onto a big board or hang them on your fridge with magnets. The Eagle is about having high vision, seeing the distant future, being clear minded and flying high. It’s a very spiritual day. Linked to Eb the path makes this one of the best days of the year to flesh out your desires for your path and put them into something you can see!

5 Kib: The Owl or the Candle - June 23, 2023

This is a day to focus on your inner light. Often when we think of our path in life, we consider outward goals. Today consider your inward goals. Do you want to feel more content, be more peaceful, have more energy, let go of things, be more compassionate, worry less, be more filled with love? What will light up your spirit? Breath deeply a few times. Close your eyes. Go into your inner-space, and let feeling drift about you. What candle do you want to light within yourself today?

6 Kab'an: The Earth - June 24, 2023

This earth energy of the energy of sacred geometry and of thinking. It is the logic we use to ponder the workings of this phenomenal Universe. It is the study of the sky and space. It is the metaphysical realm where spirit and science meet. To understand your place in the Universe is central to walking your path. When you can grasp how you fit into this plane of existence, you can more easily see what your path can look like. You can envision the possibilities. So go out and look at the stars tonight. Take time to look at the patterns on a leaf or the branches of a tree. See the sacredness in the divine design and know that you are a part of it. Then begin to consider quantum physics and that everything is energy. You too are energy. Every cell in your body is vibrating. You are part of the whole.

7 Etz'nab: The Knife - June 25, 2023

Today we let go. It is difficult to successfully follow your best path when you are weighed down by heavy things. This might mean letting go of an unhealthy relationship or simply cleaning out your closet. It could also mean looking at your weekly schedule and letting go of something that is taking up energy that you need to be your best self. Take action today to let go of something that is hindering you. Don’t just make a plan, take a step. Clearing is cleansing.

8 Kawak: The Storm - June 26, 2023

Let’s continue with the letting go energy today. The storm can be about spending time preparing your home to withstand a storm. But it also about the storm energy itself. String winds break off weak branches and remove dead wood. Take another step today to get rid of something that needs to go. This cleansing will help you tremendously on feeling lighter and freer to really fully follow your path.

9 Ahaw: The Sun - June 27, 2023

Ah, the sun. Warm, radiant light. This is a day to focus on raising your energy. You spent 2 days releasing. Today take time to do things that will raise your vibration. Focus on things that bring you light. As you do this, you strengthen your inner being. This will help you to better walk the walk you desire. What can you do today that will help raise your vibration?

10 Imix: The Crocodile - June 28, 2023

There is manifesting energy available today. It is strong and can be a bit hard to handle. It is about bringing things to birth, but is linked to creation with its volcanoes and primordial seas. Yesterday you spent time raising your vibration and that is good! Now from that place of higher vibration, set an intention for something you want to create in your life. You have been working on defining your desires for your path, letting go, getting into a good place. Now set a strong intention for a beautiful thing you want to create in your life. Consider how this thing will not only benefit you, but also benefit others. This lends more power to your intention! Write your intention down and keep it because you will need it tomorrow.

11 Ik: The Wind - June 29, 2023

Magic is now swirling about you. 11 is a wild energy. Wind is the hurricane and it is spirit. It is also your breath. Today speak into existence the thing you set an intention for yesterday. When you speak the name of a thing, you call it into being. Retrieve the paper you wrote down your intention on yesterday. Find some music you love. Wind instruments are best because they use air (wind). I love the Buddha’s Flute videos on YouTube. Play the music and burn some incense. Pay attention to the wafting smoke. It too is harnessing the power of the wind. Breathe deeply for a few minutes and relax allowing your body to feel the air moving in and out. Then, when you are ready, read your intention out loud. This is powerful magic!

12 Ak’bal: The Night - June 30, 2023

Ak’bal is the coming of the light. It is the moment before the rising of the sun. It is hope and love. Feeling these emotions is powerful medicine to your soul and also aids in manifesting your desires. Imagine what you want to manifest like it was a movie on a huge movie screen. Imagine you are sitting in the front row of the theater and you have to look up to see it. Picture it in lovely details. See colors. As you do this, smile. Smiling sends a strong message to your brain. Feel hope, feel love. This is a powerful technique to bring your desires into this realm.

13 Kan: Feathered Serpent - July 1, 2023

This is the Divine. You are part of the Divine. The creative loving force surrounds you and fills you and you expand out into all of the corners of the Universe. This is the ultimate destiny, to experience your oneness with all of creation and with even what is beyond. This is where you path leads you. All along the way you set and meet goals, you learn to love, to let go, and to know that you are never alone. Honor the Divine today in any way that feels good to you. For the fullness of you, or your journey, of your spirit and your body, bring you here.

YUM BOTIK! This is thank you in Mayan. Its a great way to end each day and to end the trecena (13 day period) By taking time to focus on your path over the past 13 days, you are strengthening your alignment to your own power. Take a minute to think of things along your path that you are thankful for right now and then try saying thank you in Mayan! It sounds just like it looks. I like to remember it by thinking of a delicious cute little shop, YUM (yummy) BOTIK (Cute shop!)

To your success as you walk your path

Biix a bel

Hugs and butterflies,


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