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Muluk the Moon: Oct 14-26, 2023

The next 13 days are a time to give thanks. The word, Muluk, means "to pay" and as much as we can think of this as paying with money, like paying our bills, or even paying with our effort, like working to accomplish something, the essence is really more about giving offerings.

This is not something that common in our modern society unless you are talking about giving offerings at church. But in this case, it is more about giving offerings of thanks to the Universe, to nature, to your ancestors, to your guides, and to nature entities that help bring you everything you need in life.

So this trecena (13 days) allow your focus to become more mindful. Say thank you to the veggies on your plate and to the clouds as the bring you rain. This is a wonderful practice to cultivate. It brings you closer to the world around you, makes you feel more connected, and help you to really appreciate all the little things.

See if you can take time all through your days to simply say thank you.

1 Muluk the Moon: Oct 14

Spend time giving thanks for little things you encounter in your da. Then try to remember to keep doing that each day during this trecena. Its a wonderful practice that you can cultivate, not just for this 13 das, but all the time. You can even thank your dishes for allowing you to eat from them and your cup for holding your drink. In the Maya mindset, everything is alive and it is totally awesome to thank your car for getting you home safely and thank your hairbrush for helping your hair look tidy. I thank m car almost every time I get in her (her name is Ruby) and I tell her what a great job she is doing bringing me safely on some many wonderful adventures. And guess what? She has been so very dependable!

2 Ok the Dog: Oct 15

Ok is your guide. Today is a wonderful day to ask Ok to help you more clearly hear your intuition. Face north and ask Ok to come to you. You can burn a white candle while you do this. Ask Ok for help in guiding you into stronger use of your intuition. When you finish, say thank you in Mayan! Yum Botik!

3 Chuwen the Monkey: Oct 16

Monkey is the patron of the arts. So, today is a fun day to do something creative and allow your intuition to guide the process. Try intuitive painting, poetry, or even intuitive decorating. Follow your feelings rather than your logic and see what lovely things you can create!

4 Eb the Path: Oct 17

So here is a super fun activity you can do today. I call it intuitive driving. Path days are days for looking at your path in life, but they are also days for actual travel. This is fun! Leave your home, but without a plan about where to go. You can walk, ride a bike, or drive, whatever you like. Use your intuition and see where it wants to go. Just follow your feelings about which direction to head and where to turn. Stop when you feel led to stop and go into any places you feel led to enter. I can’t wait to see where your path takes you today! Send me your story!

5 Ben the Corn: Oct 18

Finding your center is so important to knowing your place in the world. Ben is about your personal power. This isn’t about an ego trip. It is about taking a close look at who you are. Take time today to make a list of your strongest traits and best accomplishments. Meditate on your list. This helps ground you in reality. When you are able to see your strengths, and really feel their power, you step more fully into a centered place. From there you can function more wholly. For it is from this place of wholeness that your intuition can move freely, without blockages, and more clearly!

6 Ix the Jaguar: Oct 19

Spending time touching the earth and being out in nature will help cleanse your energy, release mala vibras (bad vibes) and mala vientos (bad winds). When you do this, you clear space to connect with your own intuition in a clearer, stronger way. Make time for this important practice today!

7 Men the Eagle: Oct 20

The eagle is all about vision. This beautiful bird sees farther than any other creature on earth! This vision is tied to your intuition because your intuition is your “sight” into things you cannot see with your eyes. Ask Men (pronounced meen) to help bring your intuition into clearer focus today. Light a blue or black candle (or a white candle with some blue or black treasures around it) and ask Men to help you. Say thank you in Mayan when you finish. Yum Botik!

8 Kib the Owl: Oct 21

Follow your intuition today to take time to re-charge. What will work best for you? This is a day of rest. Your intuition will show you how best to do that today!

9 Kaban the Earth: Oct 22

This is a thinking day. So how do you use your intuition on a day that calls for logic? The idea here is that both are necessary for finding balance. So today, as you are using logic and thinking to come to resolutions during your day, take a moment to listen to your inner guidance and see if it is aligning itself with your logical conclusions. This can be a very enlightening exercise!

10 Etznab the Knife: Oct 23

The knife is about letting go and getting rid of things that keep you from being your best, most vital, and happiest. Ask your intuition today. “What can I let go of today that will help clear the way for a happier me?” it can be something small. Try and choose something you can actually get rid of today!

11 Kawak the Storm: Oct 24

Kawak is the storm. This energy can bring flashes of inspiration and today is a fun day to tap into that energy. It can come like a bolt of lightning, illuminating your way ahead! To tap into this energy try this fun exercise. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking down a hallway. Picture it in detail. There are lots of doors down each side. What do they look like? Open one you feel drawn to. What do you see inside? Step through the door and see what experience awaits you! When you finish this meditation, journal your experience. See what flashes of inspiration may come to you!

12 Ahaw the Sun: Oct 25

This is a day for stepping into the light. The energy is very strong. Use your intuition. Listen to your heart, to your belly. How can you best invoke light in your life today?

13 Imix the Crocodile: Oct 26

Imix is about birth and in this trecena of the moon, combined with the energy of 13, this is a day for magic. Please keep in mind that this magic comes out of chaos and can be difficult to control. So use this powerful force for good today!

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