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Maya Oracle Guidance

Updated: Jul 12

It is the beginning of a new trecena, Ok the dog. Ok is your guide and so when I started thinking about what Ok would like to do to guide us over the next 13 days, the Maya oracle cards popped right into my head! They want to be part of the guidance process for you. So, I gathered 3 treasures from my altar to help you decide which oracle card (or cards) speak to you.

First we have a piece of ancient Maya pottery. This is one of the legs from a three legged bowl that would have been for ceremonial use. Imagine it turned upside down. There is a little red paint on the underside which would have been inside the decorated bowl. You can also see a little hole in the leg. It has a tiny clay ball inside it so it rattles when you shake it. I wonder what it was once used for??? hmmmm....something magical and sacred I am sure!

Second is a little Buddha statue that was given to me and my daughter by our shaman Don Francisco. I arrived at his home one day and he said he had already put a blessing on it for my daughter and I because he knew we had important work to do in his village and the surrounding area and its power would help us!

Third is a piece of glass from a Spanish galleon! It has bubbles in it, if you look closely. It was recovered from the wreck of the El Matancero which crashed onto the reef near Akumal in 1741!

Choose your Guidance Oracle Card/s

So take a few cleansing breaths and relax. Then just choose the card or cards that tickle your fancy!

Then after you have chosen, just scroll down and see what your card or cards have to tell you to help guide you over the next 13 days! Look at the photo and then go ahead and read the meaning below!

Chechen & Chakah: Warrior Brothers

Two great warrior princes who were brothers fell in love with the same woman. Her beauty was like a delicate white flower and her name was Nicte-Ha. The elder brother, Tizic, was full of venom and hate. The younger brother, Kinich, was kind and loved by all. They decided to fight to the death to see who would win the beautiful woman’s hand. The battle they fought was like no other. It shook the heavens and eventually both bothers died in each other’s arms. Upon their death, they asked the gods if they could return to Earth to watch over the woman they loved. So, Tizic became the Chechen, a tree very like his nature, filled with poisonous sap that burns. And, Kinich also became a tree similar to his nature. He became the Chakah whose nectar heals the painful burn and itch of the Chechen tree.

They grow together now, in the jungle. One red and the other black. One sweet and the other bitter. They are never far from each other. Where you see one, you will always find the other. The source of pain and its cure are forever destined to live side by side.

Dear one, know now that you stand between the Chechen and the Chakah. For, no matter what challenges you have faced, your answer is always near you. You have but to look and you will find the cure to your pain. The duality of the jungle brings balance to all things. This is life. The gods are aware that difficult times are common to all and so they have provided all that we need to overcome. You do not need to go far to find your cure. It is near you even now. Be blessed, dear one. You do not need to look far, for your Chakah is at hand.

Kan: 4 Stability

Key Words: Define, Form, Measuring

Gift: The power of energy taking form and becoming stable

Energy: Taking Form, Rising

Imagine the colors or red and blue as smoke from an incense fire. They rise and swirl in the air. Kan is encompassed in them, directing them, moving them, singing her song that moves them toward each other. She directs their flowing tendrils to combine, to join, to come together until you can no longer see red and blue, but everything becomes a rich purple, a mixing of colors, a combining. And as all traces of the individual colors disappear, Kan increases her silvery tones and the smoke begins to coalesce, to take form and shape. She measures out its length and depth and sings it into a definable existence. A dragon perhaps, or a fish swimming through the air.

When Kan comes to you, she brings this energy of taking measure and defining. She takes the moving energies and weaves them together until they become self-existing. And as they take on form and begin to stabilize, you feel your own energy becoming stable. Something has been measured, defined, and formed in you. And that something has brought you to a settled place where now you can see what has been created in you. Something beautiful. Something pure and good. Something foundational that will give you a solid platform that you might offer your gifts to the Universe for the greater good of both yourself and those in the world around you.

Ak'bal: Night

Key Words: Finding Answers Within, Darkness Before the Dawn, Night

Animal: Bat

Direction: West

Color: Blue

Element: Water

Energy: Duality, Change

Energetic Places: Caves, Valleys, Dawn, Dusk

Gemstone: Obsidian

Ak’bal is the Night House, the darkest time right before the dawn. When Ak’bal comes, she brings access to the underworld. Ask her to bring light into places that have long been dark. She reveals things that have been hidden, unlocks secrets, and brings light to uncover the underlying causes of problems. She helps you get to the heart of things. She will protect you from lies and hidden agendas. She reveals the motivations, thoughts, and emotions of others, giving you power to see into the hearts of those around you.

Ak’bal also brings to light matters of the heart. She revels in revealing hidden love. If you secretly love someone, her energy is now here to help you express your feelings. And if someone is secretly in love with you, you can expect them to declare how they are feeling.

Today is a good day to:

Ø Light a fire at sunrise or sunset

Ø Ask for revelation of hidden things

NOTE: VERY COOL that Ak'bal came up in this drawing since Ak'bal is the name of the trecena that begins the New Year on Jan 1, 2023!

So there you have it! 3 wonderful cards to bring guidance over the next 13 days!

Until next time....Biix a is your path?

Hugs and butterflies


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