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Maya Majiks Come Out to Play!

Updated: Jul 12

Today the Maya Majiks cards told me they wanted to come out to play! It is the first day of the trecena Etz'nab, the knife and as I am working through deciding what I want to let go of, the cards tugged at my consciousness and let me know that they were here to help!

Along with the cards a few of my treasures wanted to come to support you. On top of the first card is a piece of ancient Maya pottery. It is a leg to a little bowl and if you flipped it upside down you would see some red paint on it. Inside it is a little stone that makes sound like a primitive bell when you shake it. The middle card is wearing one of my favorite quartz crystals. I love the way it sparkles and the way it feels in my hand. Third are two lovely feathers from a rare and special bird called a toh. The toh (or mot mot) lives only in and near the cenotes (cave pools) which are sacred portals to the Otherworld, Xiblaba!

So settle in an take a few minutes to ground. Sit with your back strait and your feet on the ground. Wiggle your toes. Take a few deep cleansing breaths and then just breath slowly in and out, eyes closed, mind drifting and relaxed.

Then open your eyes and see which card calls to you. Choose the first one that peeks at you (or as many as you like). Then scroll down and see which card (or cards) wants to work with you today!

Now that you have drawn, let's go take a look and see what the message is that is here to help you!

Milpa: The Farmer's Field

(Our good friend and shaman Francisco in his corn field)

All around you are yellow stalks of corn. Majestic, they stand, tall and warm in the sun. Up their golden spires rise deep green vines dripping with long slender pods. They are beans, fast growing and abundant. At the base of these lovely synergetic plants spread the tendrils of pumpkin creepers, a woven carpet interspersed with round squashes filled with nutritious seeds.

You stand in the milpa. It is an ancient art of harmony. One plant gives what another one needs. They grow together in alliance, building each other up, helping each other grow. And the farmer tends them and prays for sun and rain.

All things work together. One plant provides support, another nutrients, and another shade. And when the farmer harvests them, his family gains the food of balance, for the three plants work together synergistically to provide everything a body needs. All things are growing, all things are in harmony dear one.

You have chosen wisely, and you have planted. And now you await the harvest that will bring you both nourishment and balance. Be like the farmer and tend your garden. Make sure it receives both the sun and the rain. Duality brings success. Your milpa needs the day to grow and the night to rest, as do you dear one.

What is growing in your milpa? The energy of harvest is coming to you and, if you stay the course and tend carefully, you will receive the blessing of the work of your own hands.

Maya Blue: Mystery of the Ancients

(The ancient blue paint on the wall of a building in the marketplace in the ruins of Muyil)

You stand among the ruins. A small stone building stands before you, its portico boasting thick and ancient pillars. Just beyond them, you can see a narrow entrance, an old doorway now missing its door. Beyond that lies a purply-black space, a mystery to you. As you try to look into the dark portal, you notice the frame of the door is washed in a pretty grey-blue.

Amazed by the preservation of the color, you step forward, reaching out to touch it. As you do, you see a scene play out in your mind’s eye. People are mixing, mixing bits of plants into a beautiful blue. As they finish, they mix in the white sap of a towering nearby tree. Its consistency is gummy and they tell you that one day it will be called, “chewing gum.” You taste it. It is a little bit sweet and quite sticky. You are surprised that this tree holds the secret to both a simple childhood treat, and a mysterious and ancient paint.

You watch as the people spread the paint across the wall in front of you creating a soft blue patina. Then you blink your eyes and come out of your reverie. Still standing before is the, now faded, but still striking color. Nearby you see the same tall tree that was in your vision. You walk over to it and see slash marks in its ancient trunk. The answer to your question about how the paint lasted so long was right in front of you the entire time.

And so is the other answer you are looking for.

Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees. Step back, dear one. Re-focus. The answer you are looking for is right in front of you. And it is beautiful, abiding, and natural, just like the beautiful Maya blue.

Ahaw the Sun

(A beautiful sunrise out over the ocean on Mexico's Caribbean)

Key Words: Illumination, Growth

Animal: Conch

Direction: South

Color: Yellow

Element: Earth

Energy: Harvest, Endings

Energetic Places: Beach front, Solar light, Sunrise, Sunset

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

The sun has come. Ahaw brings lovely light and warmth. He brings growth, illumination, and understanding. He is The Walker, the One who travels through the sky in a great circle, the One who is master of the natural world, who brings fearlessness, delivers justice, and opens the portal between worlds. When Ahaw comes to you, he brings the blessings of the ancestors, courage, and strength. He weaves his sunlight into the fabric of your reality and lights your path, bestowing knowledge and bringing clarity to things that were clouded and obscure. He fosters growth in your personal life, your relationships, and your community. Open yourself to his warmth, his peace, and his unfailing encouragement. He is the sun, Happiness, joy, and fulfillment follow as he makes his way through the sky, ever circling, ever returning, ever shining.

Today is a good day to:

Speak to and ask advice from your ancestors

Be patient and grateful

Work on building projects and your home

Face things that scare you

Well those are beautiful, helpful cards. If you chose all three, they tell a lovely story. You have planted and watered your field and it is growing nicely. You are looking for the answer to a question that you have, but not to worry for the answer is very close to you, easy, and natural. And the results of all your hard work will bring sunshine into your life and the lives of those around you!

Have a lovely day

hugs and butterflies


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