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Let Go: Maya Oracle Card Guidance

Updated: Jul 12

Today is 9 Etznab on the Tzolkin Maya Calendar and its a day for letting go. As I was doing my morning post about todays energy, the Oracle cards whispered to me...let us come play! They want to help you know what it is that your soul wants to let go of.

Usually I just draw three cards and then put the meanings of those cards from the Maya Majiks Oracle Cards book, but today I felt it would be good to ask the specific question, "What do I need to let go of?" and then to interpret the cards by looking at their meanings to see what needs to go!

So lets take a look. First, choose a card. The first one is holding a beautiful turquoise piece of Quartz that reminds me of the shaman stone that Don Francisco uses in his healings and cleansing sessions. The second one is a piece of white quartz that I keep with my Maya Majiks cards all the time. It is their best friend. And the third cards holds a conch shell given to me by the sea here in Puerto Morelos on a day when I asked for a sign.

Lets see which one calls to you. Choose a card. Then scroll down to see what it is that YOU will benefit from letting go!

Great! I hope you picked the card or cards that spoke to you. Its fine to choose ore than one.

Lets go take a look at the cards and see what they have to show you!

Yaxche, the World Tree

At the center, is the axis of the world, the great ceiba tree. The roots of the tree reside in the Underworld, her trunk in the Middleworld and her branches in the Overworld. The souls of the dead and the supernaturals of the Maya cosmos use the tree to move from level to level.

In the center, where the World Tree stretches herself from the below to the above, all things come together. There is a saying, “As the sky, so is the earth.” Yaxche, the center, is vital. You must find Yaxche because without her you become unbalanced and out of rhythm with the world. Without Yaxche, you cannot live in harmony with the earth, our galaxy, and the Universe.

Ritual: To receive balance and ask all four spirits of the cardinal directions to work with you, you will need all four colors (red, white, black or blue, and yellow) and the color of Yaxche, which is blue-green. Place something red and a candle toward the east, something white and a candle toward the north, something black or blue and a candle toward the west, something yellow and a candle toward the south and something blue-green and a candle in the center. (NOTE: the Maya use candles in these colors and it would be super cool if you could do the same) Then stand in the center and ask the spirits of the four directions to come to you. This brings balance. You partake of both beginnings and endings, both unity and duality, both clarity and change, both the future and the past, both increasing and diminishing. This is a powerful ritual and can be done as often as you like to bring balance into your life.

So...How would this card answer the question..."what do I need to let go of?"

Well the world tree is balance. It is stability. This suggests that you need to LET GO of the need for stability. There are so many wonderful things you can do that will bring wonderful things into your life. But fear stops us from doing these things. We can find our need for stability, for being grounded (which is good overall) can block us from doing things that are out of our norm. Everything needs to be in balance, even balance needs to be in balance! Sometime we just need to let go and do something not in our box!

Let go. Do something that is calling you to just DO it! It may not be in your normal box, but it will bring something fresh and wonderful into your life! So let go and move forward!

For fun: Instead of doing the ritual above for all 4 directions, choose to do the ritual for only one direction. Ask yourself which of these energies you need most today and do the ritual associated with it

East: New beginnings, creativity

North: Clarity, Truth

West: Change

South: Ending and Abundance

Butterfly: Warrior Ancestors

You stand on a jungle path amongst the towering tamarind and chakah trees. Chit palms fill in the low spaces, and large, wandering slabs of the bedrock limestone peak out of the dark soil at your feet. As you are gazing in between the thick tree trunks and wide palm branches, you see a brilliant blue butterfly flitting about, its glorious wings catching the sunlight that streams through the leaves. All is quiet but the buzzing cicadas whose low hum seems to fade away as you stand entranced, watching the iridescent wings, as wide as your hand, now floating up into the dancing sunlight and then plunging into the dark and secretive shade of the trees.

It is a blue-morpho butterfly, rare and beautiful. But more than that, it speaks of the warrior ancestors who have comes to you. You step carefully off the path and into the shadows. The butterfly disappears into the dense jungle for a moment and then appears again, further away. He is allowing you to glimpse his silken wings. He is aware of your presence and he beckons, inviting you to follow. Entranced, you step forward, ever aware of the rocky ground beneath your feet and the clinging vines hanging from the trees. Magic is calling to you, the magic of the ancestors. They are speaking and you can feel their voice, their intention. They speak as one. They see you. They are aware of your struggles, of how tired you are, of how you have come to the jungle to find peace and rest. They are the fallen warriors who gave their lives in another time and now they have come to fight for you. Again, you step forward, almost holding your breath. The enchanted butterfly shows himself once more, his sapphire wings aglow. And then he is gone. Be at peace child. You are cared for and loved much more than you know. Be at peace. Your warrior ancestors have taken on the fight for you.

SO how does this card answer the question, "What do you need to let go of?"

I suggest that it is asking you to see that you are enough. You KNOW what you need and you don't need to ask for help. You have been in a place where you don't have the self confidence you need to move forward in your own decisions knowing that YOU CAN trust your self. Its time to move ahead. You KNOW in your heart what to do. You have the answers you think you need to look to others for! Trust yourself. You will be successful AND empowered if you do!

Cenote: Sacred Pool

The clear, still water of the cenote has come to you. Imagine yourself deep in the jungle. Wild palms and huge zapote and tamarind trees fill the landscape. In front of you is a grand and very sacred ceiba tree and at its base is a smallish opening into the earth, an entrance to a cave. There is a set of stone steps leading down to a pool of water so clear you are not sure if there is even water there. Stalactites hang from the ceiling of the cave and a beautiful bird with the tail of a grandfather clock sits on a rock outcropping, tilting his head and winking at you.

You are in the pools of the rain. The water is refreshing and sweet. Chaac, the rain god, has gifted you with this sacred water. You slip into the pool and dive beneath the surface and there you see a gaping hole, huge and black. It is the entrance to the vast labyrinth of water filled caves that stretches for hundreds of miles under the Yucatan Peninsula. It is the entrance to Xibalba, the Maya Underworld.

When Cenote comes to you, it brings you access to other realms. Is the portal open? Some days, the cenote is simply a pool in an elaborate cave system. On other days, the portal is open. Can you feel it? Perhaps today the sky is overcast and threatening rain. Chaac is readying himself to send the earth a gift and the energy of the Supernaturals has lifted the veil between worlds. Be patient, child. Stay focused and you will begin to feel the worlds shifting. You may see the past or the future. You may see things that can be, possibilities. You may feel the connection to the gods and to the elemental beings who guard the sacred places. Keep your eyes open, for this is the time to look through the door, and perhaps even to enter it.

So, How can this card answer the question, "what do you need to let go of?" Today this feels like it is asking you to let go of the fear that is holding you back from having the experience of stepping through into other dimensions. There are so many revelations, there is so much magic, waiting for you. Relax and stop walking on the edge between experiencing it and controlling it. Allow the magic to have its full way with you! Something wonderful is waiting for you on the other side!


So much freedom is waiting for you. I love how the cards come together. They are suggesting that you can move out into spaces you have not been or are afraid to go, that you can trust yourself and that you can have amazing supernatural, otherworldly, magical experiences! This is a new year with so many new opportunities. Step out of your comfort zone and into the magic. Its going to be an amazing year!

hugs and butterflies


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