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13 Days of Ik the Wind & Your Voice!

The next 13 days are a time to embrace the winds of life. Use your voice, listen to the whispers of the Universe, look for change. In the Popol Vuh, the god Heart of Sky is linked to the wind. It is spirit. Imagine the winds sweeping across the earth and touching everything invisibly as they go by. Wind brings us energy and connects us to other worlds. It is also life and our authentic self.

1 Ik the Wind: Oct 27

The number one is a strong stable number that holds the energy of creation. It is the potential of the whole trecena and that makes this wind energy strong and stable today too! Use this wind energy today to breathe life into your day. It is with our words that we create. We can also pull down and destroy (like a hurricane). Consider what you want to create today and speak that into existence. Be careful with your words because you WILL create what you speak. So be aware and speak life!

2 Ak’bal the Night: Oct 28

The 2 that is expressed today is the energy of duality. It is the dark and light, the yin and yang that is so prevalent in maya cosmology. Interestingly, it is also associated with the day Ak’bal, which, although it means “night” is actually about the time between times, the dawn. It too is infused with the energy of duality and is connected strongly to relationships and to love. That makes this an amazing day to give attention to your love relationships. It could even be a day to find love! Do something mindfully today to foster the celebration of love. Especially, use your voice to express your love today because that is in alignment with this trecena...the energy of the WIND!

3 K’an the Net: Oct 29

Today is about gathering things. The net is used to bring in the corn harvest. The number 3 is about activity, so that makes this an even better day to be active and gather things. What do you want to gather today? It’s a good day to go shopping! Of course you can also gather things for a project or even gather your thoughts. If you are gathering your thoughts, try speaking them out loud. This brings you into alignment with the energy of the wind and also, when you hear your own voice, your mind loves it and will help you collect your thoughts in a more full way.

4 Chikchan the Feathered Serpent: Oct 30

The number 4 is the number of perfect balance. It is the 4 directions, the 4 colors, the four corners of the earth that are held up by the 4 Balames. And the day of the Feathered Serpent is strongly linked to the serpent that rises up the spine, what you might call the kundalini and the Maya call the koyopa. This is your internal power and is linked to magic too. That makes this a powerfully balanced day for coming into alignment with the power that you hold within yourself. Use your power wisely. Remember, your voice is magic. You can use it to harness your power in a loving and kind way today!

5 Kimi Death: Oct 31

5 is the number of fingers on your hand and is therefor connected to work and to empowerment. And the day Kimi is a day to connect with your ancestors, to communicate with other realms and also to cleanse your space of negative forces. You may want to “work” to do a cleansing in your home today. Feel empowered as you do so. You can go here for suggestions on how to do that. And the clearing of your space will help you to connect with other realms today. Use this to speak with your ancestors or other positive energies. Honor them first and then ask for their help or wisdom in whatever you need.

6 Manik the Deer: Nov 1

The number 6 is associated with getting in the flow. Manik the Deer is the Lord of the Forest and is about all things natural. It is the power and beauty of nature and of all the animals. That all works together to make this a super day for getting in the flow of nature. We are part of nature after all. It helps our energy so much when we take time to breathe in fresh air, feel the wind, and get our feet on the earth. Doing so today will help you to get in the flow.

7 Lamat the Seed: Nov 2

Once you get in the flow from yesterday, you can begin to channel energy in a more powerful way and that is what the energy of the 7 is about. You have completed a cycle and now you can move forward. Lamat is about all things growing and this is a good day to work on anything you have planted. That can be a project, your garden, a business, or anything else that you want to see grow and flourish! Speak positive words into whatever you are planting today. Did you know that saying kind things helps your plants grow? Well, it will help anything else you are planting grow too!

8 Muluk the Moon: Nov 3

8 is the most balanced of all the numbers. It is 2x4 and we have already seen the importance of 4. It is the solar 4 and the lunar 4 which creates the yin yang like dual energy of the Universe. This makes 8 the best day for ceremony. And Muluk is a day for the ceremony. It is the day for the fire ceremony. The word Muluk means “to pay” and so today is a wonderful day for giving offerings. You can burn a red candle today (the color of the day is red) as an offering. Or if you have a safe place to make a small fire, you can light a fire and give offerings into it which will burn. Scented herbs are a great place to start. Just throw them on your fire and give thanks using your voice to speak to the Divine in gratefulness for all that you have.

9 Ok the Dog: Nov 4

9 is the number of the Divine feminine. It is strong and balanced and is about fertility. And Ok the dog is a very sensual day as it is linked to sexuality. This combination suggests that there is a lot of sensual energy today. Tap into your feminine side today and feel life. Hone in on your senses today. What does the air feel like? Can you feel the wind on your face? What does it feel like to have your feet in the grass? Ok the dog is also connected to nature so this is a lovely way to tap into the energy of OK. Feel the earth today and bring your awareness into how you are feeling too. You might even want to sing into the wind today and allow your breath to become one with nature!

10 Chuwen the Monkey: Nov 5

10 is the number of manifesting. And Chuwen the monkey is a super create day and also about weaving the threads of creation together to create a beautiful life. You are a creator, a manifester. And with this being in the trecena of IK the wind, you can powerfully use your voice today to manifest, create what you want in life. Our words hold the power of creation! Think about this…spelling…. When you use words, you are SPELL…ing! Its magic. You hold the power of creation and can manifest it with your words!

11 Eb the Path: Nov 6

The wave of energy has crested and now it is rolling towards the shore with power, getting ready to break into surf that is powerful and too hard to handle. 11 days are unpredictable. But also keep in mind that unpredictable things can open up new paths in life! So keep your eyes open for new fresh ideas today! As you "walk" through your day on the path of life, be ready to change direction unexpectedly in order that you might have unexpected new experiences that can breathe new life into your day!

12 B’en the Corn Stalk: Nov 7

12 is about things becoming clear as crystal. It’s a day of fullness and understanding. And Ben the Cornstalk is about the Rod of Virtues of Divine Power! It is a magic wand. It is about your personal power rising from within. Today is a powerful day to come into alignment with what you KNOW about who you are. Look into your inner truth and allow your speech and actions to align with your inner truth. This brings a wonderful feeling of peace and joy and helps you successfully walk your path in life!

13 Ix the Jaguar: Nov 8

I love 13 days. They are crazy energy, but they are also magic! Think of a deck of cards that has been thrown in the air. You don’t know where they are going to land. BUT, if you are strong enough, you can chose the cards you want right out of the air! And Ix is sometimes called the MAGIC JAGUAR. It is the divine feminine, the earth goddess, Mother Nature herself. WOW! That makes this a day packed with powerful intuition and earth magic! Use your voice to do some SPELLing today and keep it in line with the energy of Nature and you can create something wonderful!

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