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13 Days of Leveling up! Trecena Men the Eagle: Nov 9 -Nov 21, 2023

Men (pronounced meen) the Eagle brings us into 13 days of energy that is all about your vision. Imagine the eagle soaring high above the earth, seeing the vast expanse of both air and land before him. We begin our trecena (13 days) with the energy of lifting your vision higher! AND it is also one of the most powerful times for business That makes this next 13 days a great time for working on a business plan or doing long term planning for any projects you are working on! Whether you have a business or not, though, this is a time for leveling up! So let's take time to look at the energy over the next 13 days. You can use this guide to plan ahead and bring your days more into alignment with the ancient and powerful wisdom of the Maya!

Nov 9, Thursday: 1 Men the Eagle

Eagle is about rising up on the wind and seeing the big picture, getting a bigger vision, seeing things more clearly. This is a great day to do some day dreaming, especially about a business or project. What do you want it to look like if the sky was the limit? It is always a powerful thing to include in your envisioning things about how you will impact and benefit others. Dream big baby!

Nov 10, Friday : 2 Kib the Owl

Kib is a day for resting and reflecting. It is sometimes called the candle and this is a lovely day to light a yellow candle (or a white candle with some yellow treasures around it) and to ask for peace in your heart and mind. Under the influence of the Eagle, you may even want to offer your dreams and visions up for prayer, asking for peace and for flow in the things you are invested in.

Nov 11, Saturday: 3 Kab'an the Earth

Kaban is a day for using logic. It is the sacred geometry, or putting your mind to understanding the workings of the Universe. That being said, in the Maya cosmovision, everything has consciousness, even the table and chair. So understanding how everything works means understanding that everything is alive. Perhaps today, part of expanding your vision during this trecena of the Eagle means contemplating what it means for even your table and chair to be alive.

Nov 12, Sunday: 4 Etzn'ab the Knife

Knife days are days for removing things that block your energy. This is a wonderful day for letting go. To put this in perspective, examine the direction your mind is expanding and ask yourself what needs to go in order to clear a path for greater expansion. On a more grounded level, today is a great day for cleaning out closets. The energy is very balanced today at a 4. The 4 legs of the table bring balance to all things.

Nov 13, Monday: 5 Kawak the Storm

The storm can be powerful, but on some days, like today, it can be more of a gentle cleansing shower. After the letting go of yesterday, do a cleansing in your home today to release stale energy and invite in new and fresh energy that will help you to increase your spiritual and material vision! If you want some suggestions of how to do a cleansing, you can GO HERE.

Nov 14, Tuesday: 6 Ahaw the Sun

Sun days are days when anything is possible. Ahaw is the face of all the day gods, the culmination of everything. Dream, wish, do magic. This is a day when the stars (or the sun) is in your favor!

Nov 15, Wednesday: 7 Imix the Crocodile

Crocodile can be a bit dicey. It is the energy of creation. Imagine a crocodile floating in a primordial sea as volcanoes rise to create land. It’s a crazy but also super creative energy. Thankfully, today is a 7, one of the most balanced of all the day energies and a great day for completing projects. So put your creative vision to work and finish up something amazing today!

Nov 16, Thursday: 8 Ik the Wind

8 is the most balanced and workable of all the numbers. It is 4x2, perfect yin yang balance. And the wind is a day when you can use your voice! It is your breath and the breath of the earth. Use your voice today to speak your vision into existence!

Nov 17, Friday: 9 Ak'bal the Night

This is a very intuitive, feminine day. 9 is the divine feminine and a powerful number to the Maya. I have seen Don Francisco use its energy many times to bring empowerment. And the Night is a time to connect to things unseen, your ancestors, and to hope! What is spirit saying to you today? Listen and act. Plug into your intuition and make the most of it!

Nov 18, Saturday: 10 K'an the Net

Net days and days for gathering things. You can gather things you need today to bring about your vision. The number 10 is also the number of manifesting. So what better thing than to put gathering and manifesting energies together to bring about your expanded vision?

Nov 19, Sunday: 11 Chikchan the Feathered Serpent

The feathered serpent is one of the most powerful days in the Tzolkin. It is Kukulkan the serpent god and it is also the energy that rising up your spine, the kundalini, called ITZ by the Maya here on the Yucatan. Couple that with the powerful and often turbulent, unpredictable nature of the number 11 and you have a recipe for magic….IF you can control it. And if you can’t, its better to ask for peace and stay home today!

Nov 20, Monday: 12 Kimi Death

Death days are lucky days. They are days to bring things to a close and the number 12 is about understanding. Its after you have ridden the wave of life and you finally understand what you have been putting your intention into. Perhaps that suggests that today you will really understand the vision that is in your heart, the one you have been opening up to and expanding in all during the trecena. Finish up projects today and do it with love.

Nov 21, Tuesday: 13 Manik the Deer

Makin the deer is the powerful Lord of the Forest. This day is deeply connected to nature, but not in a Mother earth sort of way, more in a Father Earth, Divine Provider kind of way. It is also a day that is connected to business because you gather in your support from the earth, your sustenance. This is the final day of the Eagle, also about business, so take time today to give thanks for all you have and what you have created over the past 13 days. Be aware that the number 13 is the wild card, powerful and magical. Your thankfulness will be powerful magic today!

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