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An Intimate 2 Day Retreat
limited to 7 guests only!


Plant  Medicine Journey

Shamanic Connection
Join Laura for 2 days and 1 night 
Yucatan, Mexico! 

Embark on a journey of shamanic connection as we explore medicinal botanicals. We will spend two days with Don Francisco, a generational shaman and herbatero (herbologist). Venture into the jungle to learn about the medicine and magic of local plants, learn how to make plant medicine, and receive a personal limpia (cleansing and healing session).

We don't know what plant medicine our shaman will be using when he does your personal session. Often it is a tea made from about 30 different types of plants. Intention is put into the tea and it is "magic" for lack of a better word. I have seen this tea do things like, help you forget things you don't want to remember, heal emotional wounds, change your luck, break curses, bring an end to bad dreams, also physical things like heal digestive issues, even heal cancer! However, there is nothing mind-bending or psychedelic in this retreat. It is plant/energy medicine with added intention, ritual, and ceremony that is very real and powerful!

Don Francisco making plant medicine.jpg

Botanical Events

Magic You'll Experience

Spanish arch_edited.jpg
Medicine Gathering

Venture into the remote jungle to discover and collect medicinal and magical plants under the guidance of Don Francisco, a generational shaman and healer with a vast knowledge of native plant medicine. 

doloros alba celestial pool
Healing Jungle Hotel

This hotel on sacred ground has stories of its own, an ecological pool legendary for healing, and a jungle setting.

Maya shaman
Shamanic Limpia

Visit with our shaman and have a personal and powerful cleansing ceremony.  This includes energetic cleansing and the shaman stone. Its a time to ask for help with any area in your life; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

Make Connections

Spend time  in a tiny Maya village  with a lovely local Maya family, make authentic connections, and learn about their way of life. 

Mix of herbs for shaman tea.jpg
Make Medicine

Learn from Don Francisco about the preparation of wild harvested medicinal plants and their uses in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. (Pictured is a mix of more than 30 dried medicinal plants)

Local Food

Enjoy authentic Maya food with the flavors of the Yucatan, hand-made tortillas, hibiscus flower tea, cohinita pibil cooked underground and more!

Where the Path Leads

Journey in Body & Mind

Your Itinerary

Plant Medicine Journey

Travel to the state of Yucatan early in the morning through tiny Maya villages where you will see traditional homes with grass roofs, tropical gardens and fruit trees, people enjoying the outdoors (some in traditional Huipil dresses), coconut and honey stands and so much more!

Meet shaman and healer Don Francisco and his family at his home in a tiny Maya village

Spend the morning walking on jungle paths, learning about wild medicinal plants under the guidance of generational herbologist and shaman, Don Francisco (Each journey is different and we will go where Don Francisco decides to take us. All of the places that might be visited are considered sacred)

Enjoy a local lunch of Maya food at a charming local restaurant (vegetarian options are available)

Return to Don Francisco's home for the afternoon where you will:

Receive a traditional cleansing/healing including copal incense, herbal sweeping, and the use of a magickal stone from a humble and powerful shaman who is the last healer in his village (translator included)

Don Francisco may give you a tea or other wild harvested plant medicines. He may also give you an amulet or totem. Each personal is different and Don Francisco will work with you according to your personal needs. 

Get to know Don Francisco's family, meet his animals, and explore his personal medicinal plant garden.

Have a question and answer time with Don Francisco with a translator

Arrive at your jungle hotel where you'll enjoy a dip in a healing pool made from an ancient reef

Hear mind-bending stories of local lore including shape-shifting, jungle entities, elemental beings and more!

Savor delicious, authentic Maya and Mexican food for dinner and relax poolside under a palapa. 

Get a good night's sleep and wake up to the sounds of jungles birds

Return to Don Francisco's home and spend the morning learning how to make traditional Maya plant medicines

Have a traditional lunch in Valladolid, a beautiful colonial town

Return to Puerto Morelos before nightfall

Hi, I'm Laura LaBrie! I am working hard to make this retreat an amazing and unforgettable experience for YOU! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help you! 

Just email me at

Laura LaBrie
Laura LaBrie

Meet Your Guide


Author, researcher, photographer, and adventurer, Laura LaBrie, has been living in Mexico and Central America for the past 12 years. She spends her time in remote villages and wild places learning as much as she can about Maya culture, life, and connection to the spirit realms, supernatural beings, and other dimensions! She is super excited to share everything she has learned with YOU! There are amazing secrets and ancient wisdom hidden in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and Laura is passionate about unearthing them and incorporating them into daily life. She has even been asked by the Maya elders to share their wisdom, their ways, and their connection to spirit with the world and she is excited to make good on her promise to do just that! 

Prices and Reservatons
2 Days & 1 Night

Plant Medicine Journey

Shamanic Connection
$350 USD
All Inclusive


1 nights in your comfy jungle bungalow


Delicious and authentic Mexican and Maya food

All transportation 

Personal cleansing/healing session

Plant Medicine experience with Don Francisco

Stories and explanations with your hostess and author, Laura LaBrie

Personal Shamanic Cleansing and healing time

Local Spanish Translation whenever you need it

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Register & Save Your Spot Now

A $100 per person non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.

Plant Medicine Journey Deposit

$100 USD


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Plant Medicine Journey in FULL

includes deposit
$350 USD

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Plant Medicine Journey Balance

$250 USD


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What You'll Need

Be Prepared

Adventurers Ascetic

Cool clothing. Think breathable, loose-fitting fabrics. You may need a sweater for the evening if its winter time

Adventure shoes will help you on your path. Think comfy!

Bathing suit for soaking in an ecological pool


Extra spending money for buying goodies to bring home.  Also, even though all your food and drinks are included, if you choose to enjoy a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage, you'll need a bit of extra cash for that too. Mexican Pesos are the local currency.

A small backpack to carry all your goodies during your adventures!

An overnight bag with a change of clothing. Think adventure clothes. 

A camera or your cell phone with a good camera will help you record the amazing things you are going to see! Small Maya villages, stunning cave cenotes, jungle, rituals, and so much more!

A journal to record your thoughts, experiences and revelations

I am thrilled to connect on this magical adventure with you!

Please be aware, deposits are nonrefundable.

What People are Saying

What People Are Saying

. . . we'll never forget!

This past February my friend and I stayed in Puerto Morelos. We went with Laura to visit some of the less touristy Mayan pyramids and swim in some cenotes. Every place we went was amazing. Meeting a Mayan family in their home was an honor we'll never forget. When we return to the Yucatan we will definitely go with Laura to explore even more fantastic sites. She not only was our guide but also became our friend.

Mary Ann deeply about the knowledge they share

I cannot recommend Laura and her retreats enough. She and Max are spectacular people and care deeply about the knowledge they share and experience their guests receive. Laura spends a lot of time and effort researching and planning the retreats - and it shows! Understanding the Maya history and people and language and rituals….is overwhelming and complex. But Laura seems to make it easy. Sign up and have no doubts — You will love it!


. . . this is the real deal!

A wonderful, totally sublime experience. Max and Laura’s depth of knowledge about the Mayan people, their innate indigenous worldview and simple lifestyle was shared to our small group in an elegant style. We visited in the village and were able to have individual healings with the village shaman. We swam in cenotes, climbed pyramids at Ek Balam and it was mesmerizing. This is the real deal.


. . . a surreal experience!

Laura and Max were an absolute pleasure to take an excursion with! Having met Laura before I already knew she was great energy and good people! Laura and Max both took us to some amazing cenotes that offered a very private and surreal experience unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on any excursion before. They both shared with us the history of the Mayan culture and offered a very personal experience unlike any I’ve seen on other excursions in Mexico! I would highly recommend and will be booking with them in the future!


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