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Walking Together in Ancient Wisdom

Harmony Circle

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Welcome Seeker

I am so happy you are here! My dream for this gathering is to create a safe, caring, circle of people who support each other as they re-discover harmony and balance while walking together in the ways of ancient wisdom, exploring and practicing ritual and ceremony, re-discovering ancient magic, and delving deep into flow and connection with the Divine. 

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Ixchel, the Mother Goddess

The Call of The Ancients

If you are here it is because you have felt the energy of the ancients calling. It is not by chance, but by design. Your vibration is rising and you are being led to come into alignment with higher energies. The ancient Maya knew our story, our path as humankind in this dimension. Through revelation and shamanic journeying they were given the gift of the Tzolkin by higher beings that they might not struggle so desperately in life but rather come into the flow of the Divine, see through the illusion, move in the magic, and find center. You are here because your inner being knows it's time. Its time for you to stop struggling, stop trying to swim upstream, and come into alignment with ancient energies that will lead you into connection with all that is where you will finally find balance, contentment, and peace.   

Enjoy These Benefits

  • Build beautiful Friendships and Networking in the Harmony Circle


  • Enjoy Daily Maya Horoscopes to help you align yourself and your day with the energies of the Day Gods


  • Find Balance in your life by learning how to work through blocks you have with any of the Day Energies. 


  • Learn Ancient Rituals, Magic & Techniques  


  • Weekly Live Teachings, Chats & Shares of hidden wisdom, otherworld beings, deep connections and the Maya Cosmovision


  • Seasonal Rituals, Moon Rituals, and Auspicious Day Rituals to bring energy and magic into your home space

  • Monthly Live Series - Supernatural Tales from The Mayalands to dive into mind-bending magic in the ruins, pueblos, milpas and jungles in order that you might expand your understanding of reality 

  • Monthly Live Series - Practices of The Curandera to help you learn how to cleanse your home, change the energy, and bring all the good things you can dream of into your home and life including happiness, peace, money, sweet sleep and so much more! 

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Curandera Series

Learn powerful Yucatec Maya and Mexica limpia practices that you can do at home. These limpias are the spiritual cleansing rites of ancient Mesoamerican shamans.

Not only will you learn some of the fascinating history behind these rites, but you will also be able to perform fire rites for transformation, water rites for cleansing and influencing, and sweeping rites for divination. 

Learn which plants to work with, the power of the quincunx (the shape of the pyramids), how to use mirrors, feathers, corn, and cacao, how to clear negative energy and charge energy and how to create gateways to other worlds! 

Join me here in the Harmony Circle as we delve into this exciting 

Series: Practices of the Curadera

Supernatural Series

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Hear breath-taking stories of real magic, elemental beings, shapeshifting, Maya gods, rituals, ceremonies, and shamanism from the pueblos, jungles, and ruins of the Yucatan Penninsulia.  These are stories that were told by local people who experienced these things first hand. And believe me, you will have trouble believing some of them! 

Relax for an hour each month, with a cup of hot chocolate, and listen as Laura weaves tales that will expand your mind and open you to possibilities. Because it's a live feed, you will have the opportunity to ask questions too! 


The forest king who is a tiny deer, witches who can change form into animals, magic stones, ceremonies for the gods, supernatural divination and so much more!  Join me monthly for the Series: Supernatural Tales of The Mayalands

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