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 Hanal Pixan

Colorful Skull
An Intimate Retreat
limited to 7 guests only!


Hanal Pixan

October 31 - November 3, 2022
Join Laura for 4 days and 4 nights in Paradise
Puerto Morelos and colonial Valladolid, Mexico! 

retreat begins with a welcome dinner at 7pm on the first day

Build an altar with us and connect with your ancestors. Hanal Pixan is the ancient Maya version of Day of the Dead. It is a festival of souls, a beautiful time to walk with those you love who have moved into another realm. Join us as we celebrate this traditional holiday Maya style! We will even be spending a night in a HAUNTED HOTEL! In addition, you will get to soak in a beautiful cenote, have a personal cleansing/healing with our good friend and shaman, Don Francisco and get to spend time with his lovely family in a tiny Maya village! 

Mystical Events

Magic You'll Experience

Build an Altar

Honor those who have gone on by participating in building a Hanal Pixan altar complete with something personal you bring to make this come alive. Hanal Pixan is the Maya traditional version of Day of the Dead! 

Traditional Food

Food is central as offerings and to be enjoyed by all! Come taste the traditions of Hanal Pixan, pan de muerto, tamales, mole', Mexican hot chocolate and so much more! 

Local Customs

Join in local traditions in the heart of the Yucatan where Hanal Pixan has been celebrated for centuries! It is Day of the Dead Maya style and is a beautiful and mysterious time of flowers, candles, offerings, costumes, honoring the ancestors and so much beauty! 

doloros alba celestial pool
Haunted Hotel

This hotel is on sacred ground and is rife with stories of spirits, both of people and forest deities! AND it has a natural healing pool that is an old reef filled with cenote water!

Shamanic Cleansing

Visit with our shaman and have a personal and powerful cleansing ceremony. You will also meet his lovely family and get an inside peek into traditional Maya life. 

Entrance to Xibalba

Soak in a cenote out in the jungle. Its a cave pool that is an entrance to a vast cave system, revered by the Maya and a portal to the sacred Maya underworld, Xibalba!

Magic Included

Goodies You'll Recieve

Condo in Puerto Morelos
Jungle Condo

Condo and beautiful pool in the jungle with toucans, parrots, and maybe even monkeys! Full kitchen. You will have your own bedroom and share the condo with another retreat guest unless you would like to pay a bit extra and have a full condo of your own. Just let us know! 


All your transportation  once you arrive with us in your jungle condo is included. Enjoy an amazing ride through tiny villages, time in a Maya pueblo, and a scenic ride through the mangroves to the port side of Puerto Morelos. Everything is included. 

Haunted Hotel

Your night in this truly haunted hotel includes ghost stories and a swim in an ancient reef pool that is fabled to bring healing to all those who enter its waters! 

magic candle and shaman stone
Shamanic Limpia

Your private time with our shaman, including a cleansing ceremony is included. However, if you wish, you can offer him a "propina" in addition to what we will be paying him. In our opinion, he is worth his weight in gold!  

hanal-pixan (1).jpg
Your Adventures

All festivities and entrance fees are included along with all other expenses related to your adventures. Just relax and enjoy your magickal time with us. We'll take care of the rest!  

Maya & Mexican Food

Both delicious homecooked meals and yummy restaurant outings are included. Fresh Mexican homecooked yumminess, local restaurants, and Day of the Dead traditions so you can savor authentic Mexican and Maya foods!

Hanal Pixan

Festival of the Souls

All Inclusive Adventures

Hanal Pixan

Learn about the traditions of Hanal Pixan, an ancient form of Day of the Dead, the Festival of Souls

Build a real Hanal Pixan altar that honors your own loved ones along with those of other retreat guests

Participate in rituals including candles, blessings, flowers, and even learn a bit of the Yucatec Mayan language 

Unwind in a comfy condo in a jungle setting and enjoy toucans and parrots and swim in a beautiful pool filled with water from the cenotes

Have fun participating in the ritual of face painting to join with the spirit of the Festival of Souls!

Soak in a stunning natural cave pool that is a portal to the maya underworld, Xibalba! 

Savor delicious, authentic Maya food as part of the celebrations of the dead

Travel through tiny Maya villages where you will see traditional homes with grass roofs, tropical gardens and fruit trees, people enjoying the outdoors (some in traditional Huipil dresses), coconut and honey stands and so much more!

Receive a traditional cleansing including copal incense, herbal sweeping, and the use of a magickal stone from a humble and powerful shaman who is the last healer in his village

Spend time in with a lovely Maya family, see how they live, meet their animals, and explore their medicine garden


Visit Valladolid, a beautiful colonial town where you will celebrate with thousands of local people


Spend the night in a hotel on sacred ground that is home to MANY stories of spiritual activity, including both human spirits and spirits of the jungles! 

Hi, I'm Laura LaBrie! I am working hard to make this retreat an amazing and unforgettable experience for YOU! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help you! 

Just email me at

Laura-LaBrie-black-high-res no tagline crop.png
Laura LaBrie
Laura LaBrie

Meet Your Guide


Author, researcher, photographer, and adventurer, Laura LaBrie, has been living in Mexico and Central America for the past 12 years. She spends her time in remote villages and wild places learning as much as she can about Maya culture, life, and connection to the spirit realms, supernatural beings, and other dimensions! She is super excited to share everything she has learned with YOU! There are amazing secrets and ancient wisdom hidden in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and Laura is passionate about unearthing them and incorporating them into daily life. She has even been asked by the Maya elders to share their wisdom, their ways, and their connection to spirit with the world and she is excited to make good on her promise to do just that! 

4 Days & 4 Nights

All Inclusive Hanal Pixan Retreat

AirBnB locations book up quickly and your deposit helps us reserve the most comfy condos before they are gone!

$1,350 USD


4 nights in your Condo in Puerto Morelos (no need to being everything for the overnight to Valladolid).


1 night (during those 4) at A Haunted Hotel just outside of Valladolid

Delicious and authentic Mexican and Maya food

All transportation after you arrive in Puerto Morelos

All events and entry fees as you celebrate Hanal Pixan

Build an altar with author, Laura LaBrie and learn about the more intricate meanings and symbolism of the altars of the Festival of Souls

Private Shamanic Cleansing with the help of our translator

Authentic Celebrations in Valladolid, a beautiful Spanish colonial town

Register & Save Your Spot Now

A $350 per person non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.

When you register you will receive a

welcome email to get you started!

Hanal Pixan Retreat Deposit

$350 USD


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Hanal Pixan Retreat in FULL

includes deposit
$1350 USD

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hanal pixan green cross.jpg

Hi, I'm Laura LaBrie! I am working hard to make this retreat an amazing and unforgettable experience for YOU! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help you! 

Just email me at

Laura-LaBrie-black-high-res no tagline crop.png
Laura LaBrie
Prices and Reservatons

What You'll Need

Be Prepared

Celebrants Ascetic

Cool clothing. This is Mexico and it is going to be warm even in November. Think breathable, loose-fitting fabrics.

A sweater for evenings. Although the days will be warm, we could have some cool evenings. 

Bathing suit for soaking in a healing ancient reef pool.


Extra spending money for buying goodies to bring home like rare honey products and handmade silver jewelry. Also, even though all your food and drinks are included, if you choose to enjoy a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage, you'll need a bit of extra cash for that too. Mexican Pesos are the local currency and you can use your ATM card to get them here. 

SOMETHING SPECIAL that you can add to our altar that reminds you of a loved one you want to connect with during this celebration-a copy of a photo in a pretty frame, or something else that reminds you of them. 

Adventure shoes will help you on your path. Think comfy!

A backpack or overnight bag for Valladolid will be important, so make sure you bring a backpack or something else small to pack for your overnight adventure. The things you don't bring to Valladolid will be secure in your condo while you are away. 

A camera or your cell phone with a good camera will help you record the amazing things you are going to see! Small Maya villages, colorful celebrations, altars, flowers, candles, costumes, traditional food, and so much more!

I am thrilled to connect on this mystical adventure with you!

Please be aware, deposits are nonrefundable.

What People are Saying

What People Are Saying

Maya Harmony review
. . . we'll never forget!

This past February my friend and I stayed in Puerto Morelos. We went with Laura to visit some of the less touristy Mayan pyramids and swim in some cenotes. Every place we went was amazing. Meeting a Mayan family in their home was an honor we'll never forget. When we return to the Yucatan we will definitely go with Laura to explore even more fantastic sites. She not only was our guide but also became our friend.

Mary Ann 

Maya Harmony Review
 . . . magic out of the fabric of Mexico!

I became friends with Laura because she was such a good writer. She is also very approachable, and I feel deeply blessed to have seen her in person too. Laura is the most accomplished of my mystical friends. She forges magic out of the fabric of Mexico. She has shown me Mayan sites and cenotes. She helped me discover the Mayan people and I couldn't wait for her book about the sacred side of this people.



Maya Harmony review
. . . this is the real deal!

A wonderful, totally sublime experience. Max and Laura’s depth of knowledge about the Mayan people, their innate indigenous worldview and simple lifestyle was shared to our small group in an elegant style. We visited in the village and were able to have individual healings with the village shaman. We swam in cenotes, climbed pyramids at Ek Balam and it was mesmerizing. This is the real deal.


Maya Harmony review
. . . a surreal experience!

Laura and Max were an absolute pleasure to take an excursion with! Having met Laura before I already knew she was great energy and good people! Laura and Max both took us to some amazing cenotes that offered a very private and surreal experience unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on any excursion before. They both shared with us the history of the Mayan culture and offered a very personal experience unlike any I’ve seen on other excursions in Mexico! I would highly recommend and will be booking with them in the future!


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from attending a retreat?

This is a time when like-minded people come together from all over the world to explore spirituality from both without and within. You can expect a compassionate and encouraging environment, workshops, group excursions, free time, shared meals, and time to connect one-on-one with Laura.  

What airport should I fly into?

We are located in Puerto Morelos, just 20 minutes south of the CANCUN, MEXICO airport! (Yes, you get to visit us in paradise!)

How much time will I have on my own?

Each day has time built in for you to reflect, meditate, and on some days, even explore on your own. Some days will have time in between group events, some days will have time where individuals are scheduled for personal time with Laura or Francisco (our shaman), our time at Ek Balam will provide you time by yourself in the ruins, and each evening you will have time to journal and reflect.  

What's included in the price?
  • 4 nights hotel/condo stay (3 nights in Puerto Morelos and 1 night in Chichen Itza)

  • All meals: 4 dinners, 3 breakfasts, and 3 lunches . . . alcoholic drinks are not included.

  • All transportation except airport transfer (We can make recommendations on airport transfers)

  • Festivities

  • 2 workshops with Laura

  • A personal cleansing, healing and activating time with our shaman, Francisco

  • A professional English speaking translator/guide throughout

  • All entry fees and taxes to sites included on the itinerary

  • Bottled water daily

What is your refund policy?

Your $350 deposit is non-refundable.  Click here to see our terms and conditions.

I live nearby! Can I sign up for some of the workshops/excursions without attending the entire retreat?

The only way to join the retreat group is to sign up for the entire trip. We understand that people might like to join us for just an afternoon or two, but in order to maintain the intimacy of the group, we don’t allow this.

Can I stay at another location?

For the sake of convenience, we prefer that everyone stays together at the same location. If you are local and living in the area, contact Laura at to make arrangements to sleep in your own home while we are in Puerto Morelos and only join us overnight while we are in Chichen Itza. 

How can I find a roommate?

If you are traveling alone and would like us to connect you with a roomate (remember all accommodations while we are in Puerto Morelos are double occupancy condos with private bedrooms) contact Laura at

How many people do you expect to attend?

Our retreats are small and intimate, providing you with personal attention. We will only take a MAXIMUM of 7 guests. 

Can I bring my children or spouse?

Yes! We would love for your spouse and/or children to join us, however, the minimum age for children joining our retreat is 18 years-old.

Are there scholarships available? OR can I trade my services in exchange for going on the trip?

We don’t have any scholarships available for our retreats at this time, nor are we accepting an exchange of services. The only way to attend is to register.

How can I learn more about Laura's philosophies ahead of time?

You can read all about Laura and her vision here. And check-out Laura's stories

Where can I get more information?

If you don’t see the answers to your questions on the website, we’ll be happy to help you! Just send an email to Laura at 

Terms and Conditions
Can I bring my pet?

As much as we love animals, this is really not the right place for them. 

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