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Your Maya Sign

Hands-On Workshop

Discover your sacred birth energy and how to use it to find contentment, balance, and success.
Includes Maya ritual and simple breathwork.
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Hands-On Workshop

Your Maya Sign

Learn your personal Maya sign and how to come into alignment with your energy through discussion, ritual, and breathwork

You have a sacred Maya Tzolkin birth sign similar to your Zodiac sign. It is a called a Nawal or Day God. Knowing your sign and amazing details about it will help you stop struggling so hard in life! As you come into alignment with your birth energy, you will find things working out more easily for you in every area of life. This workshop not only teaches you your sign, its element, direction, color, and energies, but it also give you the opportunity to participate in ancient rituals that empower you and help you to align with your birth energy. Your Day God is here to help you become the you that you came to this incarnation to be!

Mystical Events

Magic You'll Experience

Your Maya Sign

Learn your sacred Tzolkin Maya birth sign, the Day God who you were born under and who you can commune with to help find your best path in Life. This is why the Maya say, "Biix a bel?"

(How is your path?)

Draw Your Glyph

Drawing and writing brings things to life. It is a way of summoning your Day God. Learn your glyph (yours is one of 20), how to draw it, and what the breath scrolls mean!

Maya Ritual

Participate in Maya ritual and simple breathwork to bring you into alignment with your sacred Maya energy and to help you find center and bond with the World Tree

Sacred Itz

Itz is a substance sent from the Itzamna to bless all of the earth and everything in it. As we burn incense in ceremony, we open a portal and Itzamna opens a matching portal in the Overworld called Flower Mountain through which he send Itz to the earth.

The 4 Spirit Winds

Learn which of the 4 Spirit Winds is bonded to your sign and learn how to call in your Wind to help you find strength and to get help when you need it.  

4 Colors & Elements

You have a color and an element that go with your birth sign. learn how to use their power to help you come into alignment with your Day God and harness the power available to you.

 Experience Includes

Cacao Ceremony

  • Introduction to the cacao

  • Participate in building the cacao sacred space 

  • Draw the glyph and understand the power in it

  • Understand the colors and directions associated with the 4 Spirit Winds

  • Call on the 4 Spirit Winds 

  • Understand the sipche' gourd and the power it brings to ceremony

  • Partake of the cacao in 4 different forms

  • Walk through healing and re-birthing

  • Share in sacred community about your personal experience during the ceremony (Of course you do not have to share anything if you don't feel led to)

Laura LaBrie

Meet Your Guide


Author, researcher, photographer, and adventurer, Laura LaBrie, has been living in Mexico and Central America for the past 12 years. She spends her time in remote villages and wild places learning as much as she can about Maya culture, life, and connection to the spirit realms, supernatural beings, and other dimensions! She is super excited to share everything she has learned with YOU! There are amazing secrets and ancient wisdom hidden in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and Laura is passionate about unearthing them and incorporating them into daily life. She has even been asked by the Maya elders to share their wisdom, their ways, and their connection to spirit with the world and she is excited to make good on her promise to do just that! 

What People Are Saying

. . . we'll never forget!

This past February my friend and I stayed in Puerto Morelos. We went with Laura to visit some of the less touristy Mayan pyramids and swim in some cenotes. Every place we went was amazing. Meeting a Mayan family in their home was an honor we'll never forget. When we return to the Yucatan we will definitely go with Laura to explore even more fantastic sites. She not only was our guide but also became our friend.

Mary Ann deeply about the knowledge they share

I cannot recommend Laura and her retreats enough. She and Max are spectacular people and care deeply about the knowledge they share and experience their guests receive. Laura spends a lot of time and effort researching and planning the retreats - and it shows! Understanding the Maya history and people and language and rituals….is overwhelming and complex. But Laura seems to make it easy. Sign up and have no doubts — You will love it!


. . . this is the real deal!

A wonderful, totally sublime experience. Max and Laura’s depth of knowledge about the Mayan people, their innate indigenous worldview and simple lifestyle was shared to our small group in an elegant style. We visited in the village and were able to have individual healings with the village shaman. We swam in cenotes, climbed pyramids at Ek Balam and it was mesmerizing. This is the real deal.


. . . a surreal experience!

Laura and Max were an absolute pleasure to take an excursion with! Having met Laura before I already knew she was great energy and good people! Laura and Max both took us to some amazing cenotes that offered a very private and surreal experience unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on any excursion before. They both shared with us the history of the Mayan culture and offered a very personal experience unlike any I’ve seen on other excursions in Mexico! I would highly recommend and will be booking with them in the future!


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